Linda Robson opens up about her sister’s battle with breast cancer


Linda Robson has revealed how her sister gleefully told her family that she didn’t have breast cancer – only to call later to reveal that there had been a mistake.

Linda’s sister Tina was diagnosed with grade 2 breast cancer in 2015, just a year after losing her beloved husband Serge to a heart attack.

Because of her grief it took her a long time to be convinced to get a lump in her breast examined by doctors, and when she finally got it done she was told that it was just a cyst.

Tina excitedly called her family, telling them to ‘open the champagne’ because it wasn’t cancer, but just half an hour later she phoned back to say doctors had in fact found a tumour behind the cyst.

The Loose Women panel were talking about their experiences with breast cancer as part of breast cancer awareness month, as Carol McGiffin has experienced the disease herself and Gloria Hunniford famously lost her daughter Caron to the illness in 2004. 

Linda told how her sister Tina had found a lump in her breast around a year after her husband died, but was so distraught that she didn’t want to go to the doctor.

Linda, 60, explained: ‘We kept saying to her ”Go and get it checked,” but she was in too much of a state over Serge it wasn’t her priority.’

When she finally got it checked out and wen to get her test results, she was temporarily given the all clear, only to find that it was breast cancer after all.

Linda continued: ‘We were all waiting for the phone call, for her to ring and say how she got on and then she rang to say ”Good news, open the champagne it’s only a cyst.”

‘Then half an hour later she rang back to say ”No hold on, there’s something behind the cyst.” There was no champagne opened.’

Tina has made a full recovering after having a lumpectomy, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. 

Linda revealed her belief that if Tina’s husband had been alive she’d have coped with the cancer better.

She added: ‘It was more painful, the thought of losing her husband, than the breast cancer and I do think she would have coped with it better if Serge had been there to help her through, even though she had all of her family around her supporting her.’  

Carol, 58, opened up about her own battle with breast cancer, explaining that she had found a lump while on holiday in Thailand with her partner Mark Cassidy, but kept it a secret until they got home and she could see a doctor.

She asked Mark not to go to the doctor with her to get the results of her tests when she was diagnosed in 2014, as she wanted to face it alone.

The British TV star underwent radiotherapy and chemotherapy treatments as well as having a mastectomy, in order to remove an aggressive grade three tumour 

Carol said: ‘I remember the appointment and I remember talking to the consultant but I don’t really remember what he said.’ 

She added: ‘Life changed from that moment onwards, it has to, you get a new normal, that’s your life.’ 

Gloria, 78, said her daughter Caron didn’t want anyone to know about her diagnosis because she didn’t want to be treated differently.

She explained: ‘[Caron] fought her cancer for seven years, fought it privately, didn’t want people to know, she didn’t want to be thought of as a victim, that was her word not mine, didn’t want people saying ”There there, are you alright?”’ 


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