Uruguay striker Luis Suarez is in the news once again for his infamous biting spree. The Uruguayan star is in trouble after allegedly biting Italy defender Giorgio Chiellini during a crucial World Cup match.

The biting scandal is currently the most talked about event on twitter.

Television replays showed Suarez seemingly biting the Italy defender during a tussle in the Italian penalty area. The incident happened during the 81st minute of the game.

An angry Chiellini showed the visible biting marks on his shoulder, demanding action against Suarez. Uruguay scored the winning goal a minute later, sending Italy out of the tournament.

Fifa has launched an investigation into the biting scandal, which is touted as the most shocking incident in this World Cup. If proved guilty, Suarez may face a ban of up to 24 months.

Suarez had been twice handed bans for biting in the English Premier League.

As the incident became the most talked about thing on twitter fans and critics posted memes comparing Suarez with vampires and cannibals.

Famous brands like Nandos and Sneakers too are using the incident to market their products.

Below are the tweets.