Meghan Markle criticised for this ‘unprofessional’ behavior – are you able to see what it’s?


MEGHAN MARKLE has taken this habit “a step too far”, according to an etiquette expert.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are known for their laid back demeanour on royal outings as they have broken a number of protocols in the past.

But Meghan Markle, 37, took her relaxed approach “a step too far” when she stood with her hand in her pocket on an engagement earlier this week.

Previously, body language expert Judi James claimed the former US actress places her hands in her pocket as a subliminal desire to hide.

As for etiquette expert William Hanson, he thinks Meghan’s pose “is too relaxed and unprofessional” for a royal appearance.

“Having hands in the pocket is a step too far”

William Hanson

He told FEMAIL: “We know that Their Royal Highnesses The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are pioneering a new, relaxed, tactile branch of monarchy but having hands in the pocket is a step too far.

“There is good casual and there is bad casual. Placing a hands in the pocket is too relaxed and unprofessional, however dressed down Prince Harry and his wife may have been.

“Will the world end? No. It is just a small blip in Meghan’s usually delightful manners that can be easily corrected for future engagements.”

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

ROYAL: Meghan Markle has been criticised for this one habit in public (Pic: GETTY)

Meghan – who will be expecting her first child with Harry next spring – adopted the pose as she joined her husband on a visit to Courtenay Creative.

She was making the most of the fashion-forward pockets seen into her sleek £520 white tuxedo dress by New Zealand designer Maggie Marilyn.

The Duchess paired the ensemble with a pair of £556 Manolo Blahnik BB navy stilettos.

Meanwhile back in February, we revealed the real reason Meghan touches her hair so much.

According to body language guru Blanca Cobb, some people touch their hair or play with their fingernails as a sign to show they’re feeling anxious.

“For example, if someone frequently touchers their hair in a variety of non-stressful situations such as talking on the phone, reading a book, or watching TV then it’s more likely a habit they’re not even aware of,” she said.


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