Parents who’ll both undergo sex changes insist their son is ‘excited’


A British transgender couple who are both set to undergo sex change surgery have insisted their five-year-old – who they are raising gender neutral – is ‘excited’ about their plans.  

Louise Draven, 32, is biological father to Star Cloud, while Nikki Draven is his biological mother – but both intend to have gender reassignment surgery in order to be in their ‘ideal bodies’ by the time their child, who was born male, is 10.   

Speaking on This Morning on Tuesday, Nikki, who will undergo bottom surgery to give him a penis, said their child is ‘excited’ about the upcoming changes because it means Nikki, who Star calls Daddy, will ‘stand up and wee’ like him.

But viewers watching at home tweeted to say Star Cloud was too young to understand what was happening to his parents, and that the parents ran the risk of him being ‘messed up’ or ‘crucified at school’.

The trio, from Middlesborough, has been dubbed Britain’s first gender fluid family.  

Biological father Louise – who Star calls mummy – is just months away from undergoing male to female gender confirmation surgery surgery.

The family have explained that Louise is having her penis – which Star calls a ‘duckie’ – removed.

Nikki, who Star calls daddy, said: ‘He’s got a five-year-old’s understanding. He knows mummy’s going to a special doctor and is going to take her duckie away.’

Nikki has been placed on the waiting list to begin her transition, and expects to wait 13 months.

She says the little boy told her: ‘You’re going to get a duckie, you’re going to be able to stand up and wee, I’m not the only one.’ 

The couple, who have made regular appearances in the press and on daytime television, say they have been targeted by trolls who have made cruel comments about Star.

Louise said: ‘They were saying he was going to be a serial killer when he grew up, he had serial killer eyes. He was going to grow up to be another Ed Gein [a notorious American murderer]. 

‘He was four-years-old when adults found it acceptable to go online and attack an innocent child.’

This Morning viewers took to Twitter to say Star was too young to understand his parents impending transitions.

One tweeted: ‘Poor child its not fair to be exposed to this kind of thing at such a young age their minds are like sponges he’s clearly going to be affected by this,, just my opinion.’

‘That kid should be watching CBeebies not having conversations about gender and sex changes,’ another posted.

A third said: ‘I’m all for people being who they want to be but [why]on earth have they gone on national tv and put pictures up of their little boy who has just started school!?! I’m sorry but that’s just asking for the poor child to have a tough life.’ 

The Dravens, who married in a pagan ceremony in 2012, are believed to be Britain’s first entirely gender fluid family.

Star is being raised gender neutral – with his parents focusing on raising a ‘person’ not a ‘boy’ – and is free to play with any toys he likes and paint his nails at home.

Louise started preparing for the transition process in 2011 and lost 16 stone – dropping from 25 stone to nine stone – so that she can have the op in December.


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