Police hunt ‘killer clown’ armed with a baseball bat after he terrified two young boys


Police are hunting a man who dressed up as a killer clown, after two teenage boys were left ‘shook up’ when the menace chased after them with a baseball bat.

The clown was wearing a curly red wig with a mask covering his face, as well as a spotty top and red trainers.

The clown confronted the boys as they walked through an underpass in, Kent, on Wednesday night, October 3.

One of the boy’s mums – who does not want to be named – reported the incident to police, and told them that the clown was armed with a bat and had started laughing manically when he saw the boys.

The clown then started banging the wooden bat against the pavement and side of the underpass before chasing the two boys.

The pair ran home terrified after they managed to escape the clown.

Speaking after the incident to the Kent Messenger website, the mum said the boys had been to the Co-op store just after 8pm when they saw the creepy clown.

‘As the boys reached an underpass the clown sat on the floor, laughing and banging his wooden bat.

‘My son was really shook up and upset.’

A police spokesman said officers were hunting the clown, adding: ‘We received a report that two teenage boys were approached by a person dressed as a clown in Sittingbourne, between 8pm and 8.20pm.

‘The boys had left the area and a search by officers didn’t find a suspect matching the description.

‘Inquiries to establish the circumstances around the incident remain ongoing.’

Just last month a man dressed a killer clown – like Stephen King’s terrifying Pennywise in the hit move IT – and armed with a knife told two youngsters in Dartford to ‘run or die’ before chasing them.

The boys were cycling through the 325-acre Joyden’s Wood on September 14 when they were approached by the clown, who was wearing a full costume.

The boys told their parents about the clown, saying he was ‘waving his hands around’ and ‘holding what looked like a knife’. As soon as they arrived home the police were called to investigate.

Officers searched the woods and surrounding area, but couldn’t find the clown.

A spokesman for Kent Police confirmed that officers had been alerted to the clown, with a spokesman saying: ‘Kent Police was called at 6.46pm on 14 September 2018 to a report of a person dressed as a clown in Dartford.

‘This person was reported to have spoken to two young boys on bicycles. The boys left the area before the incident was reported to the police.

‘Patrols in the area were advised of the incident but no person matching the description was seen.’

The craze of dressing up as killer clowns has been a phenomena in the UK, with people being inspired to dress up in scary outfits and terrorise people.

In 2015, Kent Police said that anyone dressed up as a clown who intimidated people could be prosecuted for public order offences if they caused fear and distress.

It came in the wake of a number of ‘clown attacks’ in Tunbridge, Kent, which included a group of schoolgirls being chased down the street by a woman dressed up as a clown.


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