Steph Curry in DEVASTATING type forward of Minnesota Timberwolves conflict — however who his spouse?


GOLDEN State Warriors point guard Steph Curry is a win against Minnesota Timberwolves as he continues an incredible season, but who is his wife?

“At this point when somebody is that good, you just expect him to do it every day.”

Kevin Durant on teammate Steph Curry

Curry, 30, is in the form of his life, averaging an NBA-leading 33.0 points per game, shooting 54.9% from the field and 52.9% beyond the three-point line. His player efficiency rating is also the top in the league.

It comes as Golden State look to continue their excellent form. They stand on 8-1 for the season so far.

Along with Warriors teammate Kevin Durant, he has built up a formidable partnership.

Both share the early lead in the NBA Most Valuable Playe race.

The race has never been tied before.

Durant, 30, was full of praise for his teammate before Friday night’s clash against the Timberwolves.

He said: “At this point when somebody is that good, you just expect him to do it every day.

“You tend to take people for granted when they’ve been doing it for so long. I try not to do that.”

Steph met his future wife at a Christian Youth Camp

WIFE: Golden State Warriors Steph Curry is married to Ayesha (Pic: GETTY)

While Curry said of Durant: “Sometimes, you don’t need to call a play for him, and he’ll magically end up with 25 or 30 points just because of his sheer talent and ability and IQ.”

Curry is married to his stunning wife Ayesha.

The pair met at a church youth group in Charlotte, North Carolina, but weren’t allowed to date during high school.

Ayesha previously said: “We always laugh that we were both focused on God.” 

But the pair reconnected while Steph was at Davidson College and Ayesha was aspiring to be an actress in LA. 

They ultimately met when Steph went to basketball ceremony in LA and looked her up on Facebook. 

During a date on the famous Hollywood Boulevard Ayesha even refused Curry’s first attempt at a kiss. 

Following a cautious start, the pair got married and welcomed two girls Riley and Ryan. 

In July, the couple had a boy, Canon. 

The family are often seen together and Steph and Ayesha even have a pre-game ritual where they smack matching arrow point tattoos.

Ayesha has gone on to make a name for herself in her own right and has released a cookbook and a line of cookware. She is also the owner of Homemade, a meal-kit business. 

She is also set to produce and host the family cooking competition show Family Food Fight on ABC. 


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