The Strolling Useless’s Lauren Cohan teases return BEFORE season 9 exit


LAUREN Cohan is leaving The Walking Dead – but will she be back?

It was confirmed before season nine of The Walking Dead that Lauren Cohan and Andrew Lincoln would be leaving the show.

Lauren plays Maggie Rhee in the series and has become a major player since taking over as leader of the Hilltop.

Andrew’s exit as Rick is coming in this week’s episode, though details of Lauren’s haven’t yet been revealed.

However she is already talking about her return – rather, whether or not that would be likely.

She said: “I just don’t think it’s possible for me to know that right now. The cool thing is that I don’t have to.

“The right thing is gonna show itself to me. Here’s the thing: I could say, ‘This is gonna happen, that’s gonna happen, this is what I hope.’ But the truth is I can only do what’s in front of me.”

Lauren is one of the main stars of new show Whiskey Cavalier, a spy comedy coming out next year.

The Walking Dead Lauren Cohan

TEASER: Lauren Cohan has said she has had talks to discuss Maggie’s future (Pic: AMC)

“We have had creative story conversation about what could happen with the character, and that’s all I know”

Lauren Cohan

While this means she’ll be seriously busy and a return to The Walking Dead is unlikely, she did offer a glimmer of hope.

She added to Entertainment Weekly: “We have had creative story conversation about what could happen with the character, and that’s all I know.”

That suggests that Maggie won’t be killed off the show, meaning there is a chance of a return down the line.

Could this mean that Maggie will head off to wherever the mysterious Georgie (Jayne Atkinson) is?

Georgie gave Maggie plans to help rebuild her community during season eight, and that was the last that was seen of her, though she is still mentioned.

It’s thought that Georgie could be linked to the Commonwealth, a settlement that is seen in the comic series.

The Walking Dead continues Monday at 9pm on Fox UK and streams on NOW TV.


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