Watch Khabib jump Octagon and ‘attack Conor McGregor’s team’ during UFC 229 MAYHEM


CONOR McGregor’s team were involved in chaotic scenes that followed the UFC 229 fight.

Khabib Nurmagomedov defeated arch rival Conor McGregor by submission in the fourth round. 

The Russian dominated the fight, retaining his lightweight title. 

But following the win, Khabib mounted the cage surrounding the Octagon and leapt into the crowd, appearing to go after one of McGregor’s backroom team, Dillon Danis.

Video footage shows him jumping into the crowd and as he seems to throw a number of punches. 

“I’ll be so surprised if Khabib isn’t suspended and stripped of the belt”

Nick Peet


Las Vegas police then swarm in to try and calm the situation, but things spill out of control.

Meanwhile, two members of Khabib’s entourage climb inside the Octagon and seem to lay into a resting McGregor. 

The Russian was eventually escorted out of the ring by police officers, with fans throwing drinks at him.

Following the carnage, three members of Khabib’s team were arrested.

Khabib jumps Octagon


BIZARRE: The Russian went on a rampage
(Pic: GETTY)

But McGregor has vowed to not press charges and had them released. 

In a post-match press conference, Khabib apologised for the actions, but explained his reasoning.

But UFC president Dana White has slammed his actions.

He was furious with the post-fight scenes and refused to present the winer with his belt. 

And BBC Sport’s Nick Peet now expects Nurmagomedov to face strong repercussions in the UFC world.

Peet said: “After seeing that I’ll be so surprised if Khabib isn’t suspended and stripped of the belt, he caused a riot.

“It’s one thing attacking a bus in a closed environment, but to do it in front of 20,000 fans in Vegas in an environment that is being broadcast to the world. It’s incredible.”


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