Woman Colin Campbell’s date awkwardly mocks her Jamaican accent on Celeb First Dates 


Lady Colin Campbell looked utterly underwhelmed by her love match on Channel 4’s Celebrity First Dates, when he tried to impress her with his Jamaican accent. 

Lady Colin, a socialite, royal author and former I’m a Celebrity contestant who was born in Jamaica, took part in a special celeb edition of the hit dating show for Stand Up To Cancer, but was left shocked when her date Matthew attempted a Caribbean accent.  

Fans watching at home were equally taken aback, and took to Twitter to describe how his efforts – and the moment he asked Lady Colin if she was a ‘former plantation owner’ – left them ‘cringing’. 

The former I’m A Celebrity contestant sipped her glass of bubbles as Matthew questioned where she grew up. 

Surprised she was from Jamaica he said: ‘I would never have guessed that! Old plantation owner?’

Then added: ‘I love a Jamaican accent. But your accent isn’t Jamaican?’

Lady C insisted it ‘very much’ was, before he interrupted that he loved the Jamaican accent and promptly attempted to do an impression.

Both she and waitress Cici were seen raising their eyebrows as he said ‘murda’ with an extremely uncomfortable silence following the bizarre impression.

One viewer said: ‘This chap doing a ‘Jamaican’ accent on #FirstDates is killing me… I’ve not cringed that much for a long time.’

Another posted a GIF of a man saying ‘stop it’ with the comment: ‘Wtf was that accent?’ 

‘OMG as if he asked her if her parents were plantation owners? And then mocked her accent? How offensive,’ fumed another. 

Another viewer tweeted: ‘What’s with him doing that s*** Jamaican accent and asking if her family used to own plantations?! Bit of casual racism.’ 

Despite the incredibly awkward moment, the couple managed to move past it and agreed to go on a second date at Lady C’s castle. 

New series of Channel 4’s First Dates starts Monday 29 October at 9pm  


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