World’s first FLYING CAR to debut in Center East earlier than taking to skies


THE WORLD’S “first certified flying car” is going to be showed-off this month ahead of its planned release in 2020.

PAL-V Liberty

HIGH HOPES: The PAL-V Liberty is hoped to be flying off the shelves by 2020 (Pic: PAL-V)

The PAL-V Liberty’s manufactures claim it will beat competitors to the lucrative commercial flying car market because it “complies with regulations”.

It is making its Middle East showroom debut from November 12, at the Dutch Embassy in Kuwait.

The quirky machine was designed by Dutch aircraft manufacturer PAL-V.

Chief Engineer, Mike Stekelenburg, said: “It takes a lot of testing to prove that the PAL-V Liberty complies with the regulations.”

“This approach focuses on safety and enables a realistic and imminent product delivery date”

Chief Engineer Mike Stekelenburg

He added the company used “proven instead of immature technologies” to ensure it is “complying with existing road and air regulations”.

“This approach focuses on safety and enables a realistic and imminent product delivery date,” he said.

The flying car was first unveiled in the Geneva International Motor Show earlier this year.

CEO Robert Dingemanse said: “In recent years, many government institutes and private persons in the Middle East region expressed particular interest in the PAL-V Liberty’s capabilities and advantages

“It opens the door to a new form of mobility, enabling a more effective policing, border control, coast guard and first aid.”

The company claims it is the final stages of certification and keys can be in customers’ hands by 2020.

The PAL-V Liberty also touched-down at Farnborough International Airshow in July.

And its futuristic-looking rival The Volerian was shown-off during the famous festival too.


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