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  1. 2010-01-29
    Paraguay prays for Salvador Cabañas’ recovery
  2. 2010-01-29
    ‘The addict does not become a saint overnight’
  3. 2010-01-29
    Arabs' history of immigration to Haiti dates to the 19th century
  4. 2010-01-28
    Brazil fights against crack
  5. 2010-01-28
    Ecuadorans oppose “gag law” against media
  6. 2010-01-28
    Director of Brazilian NGO: ‘The issue of violence in Haiti is being blown out of proportion’
  7. 2010-01-28
    Kids orphaned by Haiti earthquake finding refuge in Santo Domingo
  8. 2010-01-27
    Tourism: An engine for economic growth
  9. 2010-01-27
    Viva Rio ready to restart social projects in Haiti
  10. 2010-01-27
    Uruguayan youth identifies with rock
  11. 2010-01-26
    New blow to freedom of expression in Venezuela
  12. 2010-01-26
    Porfirio Lobo takes office as Honduran President
  13. 2010-01-26
    Brazilian Colonel: International joint action benefitting Haiti
  14. 2010-01-26
    Costa Rica ends mission in Haiti
  15. 2010-01-25
    Paraguay seeks to win the Blind Futsal World Championship
  16. 2010-01-25
    Guatemala in solidarity with Haiti
  17. 2010-01-25
    Worldwide effort remains strong to provide aid to Haiti
  18. 2010-01-25
    Environmental challenges to be debated at the World Social Forum
  19. 2010-01-22
    American Football: Four teams, two spots in the Super Bowl
  20. 2010-01-22
    Honduras makes steps toward national reconciliation
  21. 2010-01-22
    Iraqi Kurds collect donations for Haiti earthquake victims
  22. 2010-01-22
    Montevideo comes to the aid of its Haitian sister
  23. 2010-01-21
    Being a Saint in helping Haiti
  24. 2010-01-21
    African, Asian migrants use Colombia as gateway to the Americas
  25. 2010-01-21
    Dominican Republic insists in long-term aid for Haiti
  26. 2010-01-21
    Health care professionals to board for Haiti
  27. 2010-01-20
    CowParade exhibition entertains and educates
  28. 2010-01-20
    United States playing major role in Haiti relief effort
  29. 2010-01-20
    Conservatives take power in Chile
  30. 2010-01-20
    Despite strong aftershock, global relief efforts resilient in Haiti
  31. 2010-01-20
    Brazil ready to double its presence in Haiti
  32. 2010-01-19
    Zavala freed by kidnappers after family pays about US$500,000
  33. 2010-01-19
    Multilateral organizations back Haiti’s reconstruction efforts
  34. 2010-01-19
    United for a better future for Haiti
  35. 2010-01-19
    Investors seek compensation from failed Argentine bonds
  36. 2010-01-18
    The Dakar Rally 2010 crowns four champions
  37. 2010-01-18
    Saving lives in Haiti
  38. 2010-01-18
    Electricity rationing in Venezuela sparks protest
  39. 2010-01-18
    Monetary donations are paramount for relief organizations in Haiti
  40. 2010-01-17
    Dominican Republic opens its arms to Haiti
  41. 2010-01-17
    Latin America present in Haiti
  42. 2010-01-17
    Wind helps Brazil diversify its energy mix
  43. 2010-01-16
    Quarterbacks Romo, Sánchez embrace their Mexican roots
  44. 2010-01-16
    Religious groups work together to help Haiti
  45. 2010-01-16
    USSOUTHCOM Commander General Fraser: ‘Relief for Haiti is happening right now’
  46. 2010-01-15
    Who will be Chile’s next President: Frei or Piñera?
  47. 2010-01-15
    Fearing for the survivors
  48. 2010-01-15
    Colombian police from MINUSTAH stay in Haiti to assist relief effort
  49. 2010-01-15
    Celebrities donate money to help Haiti’s earthquake victims
  50. 2010-01-14
    USSOUTHCOM provides much-needed relief to Haiti
  51. 2010-01-14
    American professional athletes of Haitian descent search for family and friends in wake of natural disaster
  52. 2010-01-14
    Outpouring of U.S. support for Haiti
  53. 2010-01-14
    United States pledges $100 million in relief funds for Haiti
  54. 2010-01-13
    Aid channeling to Haiti
  55. 2010-01-13
    Chaos ensues in the aftermath of Port-au-Prince earthquake
  56. 2010-01-13
    Venezuela faces electrical rationing
  57. 2010-01-12
    Brazilian army recruits athletes
  58. 2010-01-12
    Andean cocaine trafficked through West Africa
  59. 2010-01-12
    Chávez claims U.S, Netherlands conspiring against Venezuela
  60. 2010-01-12
    Power struggle in Argentina
  61. 2010-01-11
    Downtrodden economy kicking Argentine Football Association
  62. 2010-01-11
    Chávez threatens business owners following devaluation
  63. 2010-01-11
    A new generation of female voices
  64. 2010-01-11
    President Uribe receives a delegation from the U.S. Congress
  65. 2010-01-08
    American Football: NFL Wild Card Weekend Preview
  66. 2010-01-08
    Rio becoming a digital state
  67. 2010-01-08
    Chile expected to join the OECD
  68. 2010-01-08
    Feeling the same effect as chocolate, without the calories
  69. 2010-01-07
    FARC admits kidnapping and murder of the governor of Caquetá
  70. 2010-01-07
    Judicial decision creates constitutional crisis in Paraguay
  71. 2010-01-07
    Expression through rebellious flirtation
  72. 2010-01-07
    Brazil seeking niche in field of microelectronics
  73. 2010-01-06
    The Three Wise Men bring another sack full of Christmas presents
  74. 2010-01-06
    China targets Venezuela’s natural resources
  75. 2010-01-06
    Querida Penélope pours glamour onto Venezuela’s beaches
  76. 2010-01-06
    Digital book: Opportunity or threat for Brazilian publishers?
  77. 2010-01-05
    Uruguay completes the first phase of Ceibal Project
  78. 2010-01-05
    A crucial year for the Kirchners in Argentina
  79. 2010-01-05
    Curiosity inspires international success
  80. 2010-01-05
    Chilean salmon industry in turbulent waters
  81. 2010-01-04
    Lula on the big screen
  82. 2010-01-04
    Violence against women pervades the Caribbean
  83. 2010-01-04
    Young Venezuelans design their success
  84. 2010-01-04
    Paraguay seeks hydrocarbon independence


  1. Bolivia claims Peru digging for gold illegally

  2. New Uruguayan government wants to have closer relationships with Brazil, Argentina

  3. Electricity rationing in Mérida is suspended

  4. Venezuela denies Colombia’s allegations that it violated airspace

  5. Colombian army kills major FARC leader

  6. Former FARC hostage Luis Eladio Pérez disagrees with Chávez’s ‘verbal aberrations’

  7. Fuel prices to fall in Panama

  8. ‘Hope for Haiti Now’ album generates US$3 million for earthquake victims

  9. Lobo’s administration claims Honduras is bankrupt

  10. Haiti's development is Dominican Republic’s top foreign priority

  11. Former Honduran President Manuel Zelaya arrives in Dominican Republic

  12. President of Haiti postpones elections

  13. Peru’s Rey calls for Shining Path leader to surrender

  14. Ecuador closed 187 illegal camps along Colombian border in 2009

  15. At least 10 inmates fatally shot during prison gunfight

  16. Peru’s heavy rains stop evacuations from Machu Picchu

  17. Venezuela’s Chávez names Jaua as vice president

  18. Honduran judge dismisses all charges against those involved in Zelaya’s removal

  19. U.S. Supreme Court won’t stop extradition of former Panamanian leader Noriega

  20. Brazil’s Lula offers plan to raise salaries of policemen, firemen and security officers for 2014 World Cup

  21. Peru airlifts tourists from Machu Picchu after floods

  22. Medellín reinforces its military to increase security

  23. Venezuelan President Chávez’s actions cause close to 4,000 to lose their jobs

  24. DNCD seizes cocaine in Santo Domingo airport

  25. Public officials are arrested after Guatemalan drug dealers escape from prison

  26. Search for former Guatemalan president Portillo continues

  27. Colombian law enforcement captures notorious drug dealer

  28. Argentine Congress to hear dispute between central bank, Fernández de Kirchner

  29. Paraguayan soccer star clinging to life after being shot in the head

  30. Venezuela's vice president resigns because of ‘strictly personal’ reasons

  31. In Managua, rate of serious crimes increasing

  32. Government of Haiti claims deaths caused by earthquake exceed 150,000

  33. Ecuador wants donations so it won’t drill for oil

  34. Brazil extradites colonel accused of crimes against human rights

  35. Colombian army seizes FARC camp

  36. Argentine bank president prohibited from entering premises

  37. President Chávez orders shutdown of RCTV

  38. Haiti's debt with the World Bank is waived for five years

  39. Piñera’s shares in LAN can be purchased for about US$1.5 billion

  40. Colombian army confiscates 100 kilos of cocaine

  41. Maradona: Messi is world’s best soccer player

  42. French government concerned with expropriation of Hipermercado Éxito

  43. Brazilian government wants to pay R$500,000 to families who lost military personnel in Haiti

  44. Venezuela’s Chávez claims U.S. has an ‘earthquake weapon’

  45. Five financial institutions to invest in Panama’s Metro

  46. Officials assess health plan for Central America

  47. Honduras’ Lobo agrees to give safe passage to Zelaya

  48. Caribbean officials to meet in Cartagena

  49. Brazil suffers third-largest monthly job loss in December

  50. Hipermercado Éxito workers angry at Chávez

  51. Colombian army kills nine members of the FARC

  52. Colombian star goalie René Higuita to play final game

  53. Olympic organizers meet to get Rio ready to host 2016 Games

  54. Brazil’s education system one of the worst in Latin America

  55. Three army officers jailed for weapons trafficking

  56. Colombia banishes two alleged Venezuelan spies

  57. U.S. takes control of Haiti’s reconstruction

  58. Strong aftershock felt in Haiti

  59. Earthquake hits Guatemala, felt in El Salvador and southern Mexico

  60. Dominican Republic brings meals, water to help Haiti’s earthquake victims

  61. Peru’s García envisions better relationship with Chile after Piñera replaces Bachelet

  62. Spain agrees to extradite ‘dirty war’ pilot to Argentina

  63. Venezuela closes three more banks, orders two more to close

  64. Colombia’s Uribe not trying to postpone elections to pass Constitutional amendment

  65. Colombian and Venezuelan businessmen reject Chávez's expropriation of Hipermercado Éxito

  66. Panamanian government to contribute to saving energy

  67. Jamaican doctors join the international rescue mission in Haiti

  68. Netherlands Antilles Prime Minister tells Chávez to stay out of her islands’ internal affairs

  69. Major earthquake hits off Argentina’s coast

  70. Uribe seeks the creation of a world fund to help Haiti

  71. Kidnapped Paraguayan rancher freed after 94 days in captivity

  72. Venezuelan authorities nab Colombian drug dealer wanted by the United States

  73. Piñera wins Chilean presidency

  74. Chávez nationalizes French-Colombian supermarket chain

  75. Power outage strikes southern Peru

  76. Ecuador’s Correa won’t seek re-election

  77. Brazilian’s Amorim calls for a donor conference for Haitian aid

  78. Colombia to allow countries to use its military bases for humanitarian missions to Haiti

  79. Indianapolis Colts receiver Garçon locates several family members in Haiti, others still missing

  80. Copa Airlines to invest US$600 million on expansion

  81. Construction company confirms death of two engineers in Haiti

  82. World Bank to donate US$450,000 to Peru to strengthen ecosystem

  83. Brazil to initially invest R$20.1 billion in 2014 World Cup

  84. Survey: Piñera likely to be Chile’s next president

  85. Venezuela’s Chávez sacks energy minister, ceases mistake-filled rolling blackouts in Caracas

  86. U.S. suspends deportations to Haiti

  87. Mexico-U.S. joint effort nets second major druglord

  88. Venezuelan government announces massive imports of goods

  89. Ecuador's foreign minister resigns

  90. Honduran congress approves withdrawal from ALBA

  91. U.S. judge freezes Argentine central bank account

  92. Brazilian government reduces the amount of ethanol in gas

  93. Brazil’s Dunga is third on the IFFHS’s list of top national soccer team coaches

  94. Paraguay’s Lugo not interested in running for reelection

  95. Minister of Labor: Brazil’s northeastern region to generate 2 million jobs in 2010

  96. Peruvian businessmen to present exports at Russian trade fair

  97. Venezuelan National Guard closes French-Colombian supermarket chain

  98. Dominican president proposes bill to authorize duty-free zones

  99. Mayor sees hope for Montego Bay’s homeless

  100. Panamanian thermal plants could lose licenses

  101. Son of Honduran journalist kidnapped

  102. Heineken expected to purchase Femsa’s Beer Unit for US $7.6 billion

  103. Police dismantles gang in La Paz

  104. Acting Minister of Justice: Brazil has 4 to 5 million illegal guns

  105. Argentine court calls for reinstatement of fired bank president

  106. Costa Rican coffee plantations spared from volcano’s wrath

  107. Salvadorans will benefit from comprehensive health system

  108. U.N. rep: Haiti’s democratic and economic development rests on upcoming elections

  109. Honduran government reacts to Zelaya’s accusations

  110. Budget approved by the Brazilian Congress increases public investments by 30%

  111. Survey: Bachelet’s 81% approval rating a record high for any Chilean president

  112. U.S. to help Colombia in fight against forest fires

  113. President of Central Bank in Argentina is fired

  114. Uribe to meet with U.S. congressional representatives to speed up FTA ratification

  115. Sugar cane costs will go up in Jamaica

  116. Public school students may receive new lunch menu in Panama

  117. Former president calls on international community to respect the Honduran will

  118. Argentine President orders the opening of dictatorship archives

  119. Brazil gives amnesty to nearly 42,000

  120. Colombia dealing with cold front

  121. Cristina Fernández de Kirchner asks for resignation of the president of Argentina’s Central Bank

  122. Twenty-three died from influenza A in Dominican Republic in 2009

  123. UN helps in preparations for legislative elections in Haiti

  124. Panama evaluates creation of Security Ministry

  125. Unions claim minimum wage raise is insufficient

  126. Mass transit organizations threaten to strike against fuel tax, new laws in Peru

  127. Brazil to have 83 million immunization doses to combat swine flu

  128. Report: Pará and Maranhão are home to more than 40% of employers who exploit workers in Brazil

  129. Colombia extradites convicted pyramid scammer to United States

  130. Brazil gets temporary seat at the United Nations Security Council

  131. Spectator dies after accident in Dakar Rally in Argentina

  132. After eruption, Galeras’ alert level decreases

  133. Fujimori´s daughter to run for president in Peru

  134. Argentine Congress to hold viewing for pop legend Sandro

  135. São Paulo Stock Exchange closed day with more than 70,000 points

  136. More than 2,600 guerrillas left Colombia’s FARC, ELN in 2009

  137. FAO and WFP to assist Honduras in food crisis

  138. Caribbean region murder rate escalating as a result of drug-related violence

  139. House fire claims five-member family

  140. Netherlands denies Venezuela’s accusations

  141. Maradona to visit South Africa after his FIFA-imposed suspension ends

  142. Heavy rainstorms, landslides kill at least 66

  143. Former president Fujimori sentenced to 25 years in prison

  144. Colombian military kills 25 FARC members, including 3 leaders

  145. Vehicles and merchandise enter duty free in 2010

  146. Transit authority removes non-compliant taxis from service

  147. Costa Rican authorities seize the first supply of cocaine in 2010

  148. Mexican authorities arrest brother of dead drug kingpin

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