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Aventura finds success on the chords of bachata

By Antonio Moronta for Infosurhoy.com—10/03/2010

Dominican group dominates Latin music scene

Aventura has been nominated in 12 categories at next month’s Billboard Latin Music Awards in Puerto Rico. (Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images)

Aventura has been nominated in 12 categories at next month’s Billboard Latin Music Awards in Puerto Rico. (Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images)

SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic – Marc Anthony, Juan Luis Guerra, Wisin & Yandel sang with them on a recent tour.

Mexican singer Thalía didn’t hesitate to do a duet with the group’s leader.

They were received as part of Hispanic Heritage month this past October at the White House, where U.S. President Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle, had front row seats.

Aventura has emerged to become Latin America’s biggest act, as the band’s June release, “The Last,” has become the highest-selling Spanish-language album in the past two years, according to the Nielsen Latin Soundscan, a company that tracks sales.

Aventura’s melodic and romantic bachata, a guitar-based rhythm from the Dominican Republican countryside, has conquered the world – a feat that had only been achieved by the legendary Juan Luis Guerra.

Anthony Romeo Santos (lead vocals), Henry Santos Jester (secondary vocals), Lenny Santos (guitar) and Max “Mikey” Agende Santos (bass) have sold thousands of albums during a period in which the industry has been defined by piracy and low sales.

The band’s key is fusion: It blends hip hop, rap, pop rock, bachata and other tropical rhythms with English and Spanish lyrics. They have created a type of “Spanglish,” which is used in English-speaking areas that have a large Latin American population, like New York City.

With the exception of Henry, who is from Moca, Dominican Republic, the other three are from the Bronx, a borough in New York City. But they have remained true to their Latino roots, enabling them to be accepted by the Latin American community as the Dominican Republic’s prodigal sons.

Need proof? They sold out New York City’s Madison Square Garden – one of the industry’s most illustrious venues – four straight nights last month, tying the mark set by the Rolling Stones.

“At the start, it was difficult for them to command respect with their music, but I was convinced they would achieve it,” said Félix Cabrera, who produced the shows. “Aventura is one of the biggest bands in the history of bachata and without doubt a music phenomenon at the moment.”

“The eccentric Lady Gaga appeared, with her Poker Face, in New York – she had four dates in Radio City Music Hall, which has a capacity of 6,000 people. But Aventura was also in New York with four dates at Madison Square Garden, with a capacity of 19,000 spectators,” wrote the New York Daily News.

At Madison Square Garden, which is nicknamed “The World’s Most Famous Arena,” Aventura performed on a stage in the middle of the floor so everyone in the capacity crowd of more than 19,000 could have a good view of one of the world’s most popular bands.

“Nobody can doubt the reach of their music,” said Franklin Romero, president of Premium Latin Music, the record company that manages Aventura. “They are excellent sellers of music and their lyrics are followed with devotion by a fan base that broadens every day. Aventura have achieved something very rare.”

The band won five awards at Premio Lo Nuestro 2010 in Miami, Fla., on Feb. 19 and could add even more honors to its trophy case. Aventura has been nominated in a dozen categories, including one for best group, at next month’s Billboard Latin Music Awards in Conrad San Juan Condado Plaza, Puerto Rico.

Aventura’s success has sparked established stars such as Puerto Rico’s Chayanne, Spain’s David Bisbal and Mexico’s Alejandro Fernández to venture into the genre.

“Juan Luis Guerra with ‘Bachata Rosa’ opened the doors and broke the barriers,” said Nelson Estévez, president of the Juan & Nelson record label, in a story in the Dominican Republican newspaper Listín Diario. “Nevertheless, the new bachata phenomenon, Aventura, has also contributed to that movement.”

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  1. adriana 07/02/2014

    I love their songs. The quality is great and the music is touching. I heard of them through my boyfriend. The first one he sang to me was "Solo por un beso" (Just for a kiss), which I will never forget for the rest of my life. I am their number one fan and hope to have the pleasure of going to the show here in Brazil. There's not doubt, I'll be the first one in line.

  2. Josué 02/03/2014

    I met the group, Aventura, in Tabatinga, Amazonas. Since the city is located in a tri-border area, I discovered the group as soon as they began. I would like them to return again and to keep the very beautiful sentiments expressed in their songs.

  3. Ivan Fernandes 12/13/2013

    I have never seen a band like this one. To me, it's the best in the world. I will be first in line for the first show in Brazil.

  4. adriana keila 07/31/2013

    I love them. I met the group in 2005 in Foz do Iguaçu. Since then, I haven't been listening to any anything else. It's either bachata or reggeton. That's all. I love Romeu Santos. I love Aventura. If you ever come to Brazil, there's no doubt about it, I will be first in line and will dance for a kiss from Romeu!

  5. Carlos magno 12/29/2012

    I’ve got to know the Aventura band in many comings and goings to Venezuela since I live in Roraima state, Brazil. And I fell in love for the words and bachata rhythm. How can I buy some of the band’s CDs or DVDs? Can someone tell where I can buy them?

  6. valdeci nogueira 03/19/2012

    I just loved the Aventura group, beautiful songs I was astonished since I didn’t know them, they won one more Brazilian fan.


    THEY WERE SO BEAUTIFUL AND THEY LEFT US TO THEIR FANS, ALONE, IT'S TOO BAD NOW WITHOUT YOU THERE IS NO ONE WHO CAN MAKE US REMEMBER OUR SORROWS AND WE DO NOT WANT YOU TO COME BACK TO BE WHAT YOU ONCE WERE thank you how can I not want my dream to come true 1 that you return 2 to chat with me thank you I leave you with this [email protected] my email pls

  8. luizfernando 01/30/2012

    The songs from Aventura that I like the most are: su veneno, peligro, cuando volveras, mi corazoncito, el perdedor, ciego de amor, ahora me dices que si, todavia me amas, jose, los infieles, angelito... and so on...

  9. joyce salazar 01/05/2012

    I found out about the group through my husband, who brought me a DVD and I fell for the boys right away. They should return to Brazil soon. Regards.

  10. maria 11/03/2011

    Hi, I'm one of your fans and I would like you to come back like you did in the beginning. A beautiful group and of course handsome, especially the vocalist. Your songs were and are really beautiful. I would like you to come back to sing because we miss your music, all of it is very good just to cry and remember. They're beautiful. Bye♥ I'm leaving, that was all and sorry if I was a bother, byeeeeee♥ 3♥3

  11. BENTO NETO 10/20/2011


  12. dil souza 08/27/2011

    I tip my hat to the music group Aventura who make hearts swoon with their beutiful songs, I'm a big fan, I'd love it if you performed here in Belém. Hugs and lots of success to the Aventura bachata phenomenon, Dil Souza

  13. adenilson 07/28/2011

    You guys are great... thank you.

  14. Rodrigo 04/17/2011


  15. iraneana fernandes saraiva 04/05/2011

    I'm dying to see (the concert, I passionately wish lots of success to all of you, kisses.

  16. iremar 03/23/2011

    Hey all fans of Aventura Group, I’m also their fan. Look, the first time I heard the guys’ music I got involved right away, it was a Swiss gringo named Yurick that showed me, he said he saw them in Switzerland in a Latin music club and also got infected. Those who know their songs and style know it’s automatic (and frankly speaking, without trying to undervalue “our samba of every day”, I particularly prefer their bachata than our native rhythm.

  17. João Carlos de Andrade 02/26/2011

    I like to listen to Aventura band so much, first time I listened to them was in a bus from Lima and then I asked the driver who sang those songs, but I only ended up buying their DVD in Nicaragua where I could find it on a DVD seller and bought it right away. I'd like to see them playing in Brazil so much, surely they'd draw a big audience.

  18. joaquin 02/12/2011

    The truth is that I congratulate you for the music you make. I had never heard this music before a cousin of mine came to my house one day and showed me a video and songs. I really like what you do I myself love music and I play the bongo drums and I love the percussion you have. I congratulate you and I wish you eternally success forever

  19. Antonio Fernandes 01/11/2011

    Greetings, what revolts me most is to know that Brazilian media, mainly audience leader TV broadcasters still maintain a monopoly that dictates who should and who shouldn’t be on TV and shown to Brazilian people. A group like Aventura, with such melodic and contagious songs, shouldn’t be unknown to anybody, mainly to Brazilians, that just would need to listen to Aventura’s bachata to dance showing this contagious style. We need to make Brazil and Brazilians discover this group! By: Antonio Fernandes Igarapé-Açu / Pará, 11/01/2011

  20. danyy 11/25/2010

    Among so many comments... I have to confirm I love you.

  21. walky daniel 11/15/2010

    I’m a big fan of yours and your songs are great, there’s no band in the world better than you, I’d like to know when are you coming to Brazil?

  22. Danielle 10/12/2010

    I love the music of Grupo Aventura and a friend who lives abroad introduced me to them and gave me a CD as a gift. I loved it... The songs are great and I have been listening to them ever since.

  23. sandra 10/01/2010

    I adore you I love your music it would be a dream to see you in El Salvador I wait for you with all my heart

  24. Antonio Fernandes 09/27/2010

    Greetings, I'd say that Aventura Group, or else, the songs of Aventura Group, just need to be listened to by someone, in order for them to become part of everyone's taste. Aventura Group's bachata is just the best dancing music there is right now. It's about a mixture of Caribbean styles that makes people feel like dancing, to say the least. I just don't know what's happening with Brazilian media that hasn't presented this group to the Brazilian people yet, it would be a revolution in the taste of people here, even more so when they learn how to dance bachata, for I can say that there is no dance that gives such pleasure. It would be great, just to take a break from "forró", "pagode" and "sertanejo", among other styles that only induce Brazilians to conformism. For God's sake, Brazilian businessmen, bring Aventura Group to Brazil.

  25. jorge 09/24/2010

    You should come and perform in Boa Vista, Roraima, Brazil. There are thousands of fans that dream of that day......

  26. Junior Bessa 09/07/2010

    I'm a big fan of Aventura group and would like to know if they will ever come to Brazil or to any Latin country bordering Brazil. First time I listened to their songs was in Venezuela, they're played often there. If anyone knows, please tell me via e-mail.

  27. gilmar 08/10/2010

    Hi Folks, I'm also Brazilian and it's been 4 years that I follow the work of Aventura group and I like them a lot, it's my favorite band, I even had a tattoo of them made on me, on the arm, and I'd like very much if they would come to Brazil, and so folks I have their DVD in Madison, whoever wants it get in my msn [email protected] and I'll transfer it

  28. iran ramos da paixao 08/03/2010

    I’m Brazilian and would like Aventura group to come to my country so much. The group members are very competent in what they do. An extremely appealing sound that makes us mind trip while watching the videos of such full-fledged artists. Hugs to all in the Aventura group. I’m waiting anxiously for the day these first class “bachata” guys will come.

  29. sarai 07/26/2010

    You are the best of the bachata everyone imitates you but never equals you kisses I love you

  30. MARIA GENI CARNEIRO 06/23/2010

    I'm Brazilian and love the AVENTURA Group. I first listened to their songs in Delaware, USA. I fell in love! Kisses.

  31. rosana 05/27/2010

    Your songs are so beautiful, I love that one ("Solo por um Beso") more, you're very good.

  32. luis 05/13/2010

    Adventure we are the best here and anywhere

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