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Colombia: Five killed in drive-by shooting


BOGOTÁ, Colombia – Five died and another was injured when gunmen in a moving car opened fire on a nightclub in the city of Medellín. “A car (was) shooting left and right at 12:30 (a.m.) in the rain and there were more than 400 people in a tavern, in a bar,” Carlos Arcila, head of the human rights board in the 12 de Octubre neighborhood, told Caracol Radio. The shootings add to what has been a violent year in the city, where 1,250 killings have been documented so far this year. It’s become so violent President Juan Manuel Santos recently traveled to Comuna 13, one of the Andean nation’s biggest slums, to urge residents to work with law enforcement officials to stop the bloodshed. The majority of the violence has been attributed to a turf war between drug-dealing factions battling for control of the city’s lucrative narcotics trade. [Semana.com (Colombia), 20/09/2010; El Espectador.com (Colombia), 19/09/2010; EFE (Colombia), 20/09/2010]

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