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2013-12-18 Crime

Brazil: US$400,000 worth of human hair seized


SÀO PAULO, Brazil – Customs agents at São Paulo’s international airport said on Dec. 17 they impounded a cargo containing a ton of human hair from India worth about US$400,000.

The importer declared the value of cargo – long pony tails held together with elastic bands and packed into boxes – “as just R$15,000 (US$6,415),” a customs spokesperson said. “But during inspection it turned out the true value is US$400,000.”

Customs also said the importer “was not the real intended recipient of the human hair cargo.”

The spokesperson did not reveal the identity of the intended recipient.

But he urged “consumers of this type of product always to ensure whether the supplier respects National Sanitary Surveillance Agency requirements” on sterilizing and disinfecting imported hair.

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