The Peruvian authorities prevented Colombian singers Mike Bahia and Greeicy Rendon from leaving the country because they do not have proof of payment of tax obligations by foreign artists.

The Colombian Foreign Ministry detailed in a statement that the artists had been hired for a concert in Lima but this was canceled for “contractual factors.

The exit impediment was carried out by the National Superintendency of Customs and Tax Administration (Sunat), which argued that the artists entered the country “as tourists, made collections, and advanced the advertising actions of the event.

In that sense, the Colombian Ministry of Foreign Affairs stressed that to leave the country must obtain the certificate, delivered by the Sunat that only operates from Monday to Friday, so that tomorrow first thing in the morning “will advance the steps to obtain the evidence referred.

On the other hand, Mike Bahia said in a video broadcast this Sunday on their social networks that they are still in Peru because the authorities do not let them leave the country, do not give them information and there is no person in charge for their situation.

Bahia and Rendon, who is also an actress, are recognized by the song “Amantes”, which has more than 450 million reproductions on YouTube.

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