Dating apps are causing women to freeze their eggs because men who use them do not want to settle down, an expert claims.

Platforms such as Tinder offer men so much choice that they can date younger women and put off starting a family, academic Dr Kylie Baldwin said.

Women of the same age are left without suitable partners and are freezing their eggs to avoid running out of time to be mothers.

Dr Baldwin, a medical sociologist at De Montfort University in Leicester, said the rise of dating apps may explain why egg freezing rates have more than quadrupled since 2010 – despite the procedure costing up to £8,200.

At a conference run by fertility charity the Progress Educational Trust in London, she said: ‘The digital revolution of the modern day has allowed individuals to connect with multiple partners with increasing ease.’

Dr Baldwin said dating apps can lead to ‘short-term, disposable partners’, adding that men who date online may be more likely to put off having children.

Women who freeze their eggs when younger may have a better chance of becoming pregnant later if they use them for IVF.

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