Michigan fully legalizes as the 9th US state cannabis


Legalisation of cannabis as a stimulant
Yesterday, not only the eagerly awaited Midterms elections took place in the USA. Parallel to the congressional elections, the US states Michigan and North Dakota voted on the legalization of cannabis as a stimulant and Utah and Missouri on the legal use of cannabis as a medicine.

Only the legalization in North Dakota failed. The other three initiatives were accepted by the voters in a referendum. Michigan is thus the ninth U.S. state to fully regulate cannabis, including as a stimulant, and to introduce specialty shops for adults. 56% of the electorate of the 10-million-population state voted for the corresponding “Proposal 1”.

With Utah and Missouri, 33 out of a total of 50 US states have cleared the way for the use of medical cannabis since yesterday. In Utah, 53.2% voted for “Proposition 2,” while nearly two-thirds of voters in Missouri voted for “Amendment 2.

DHV managing director Georg Wurth expects increasing momentum in North America: “In the coming months and years other US states will legalize cannabis. Now that cannabis has been legalised by referendum in many US states, majorities in the parliaments are also to be expected. New Jersey could follow this year.”


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