Rapeseed oil is good for Heart


Rapeseed oil makes an excellent contribution to heart health
Domestic rapeseed oil is becoming more and more popular. According to experts it is meanwhile with the Germans more popular than sunflower and olive oil. And that is also good in such a way. Finally Raps?l makes an outstanding contribution owing to its contents materials to the heart health.

One of the most valuable edible oils for the kitchen
The question of which oil is the best for a healthy diet is answered by more and more consumers with rapeseed oil. This is indeed one of the most valuable edible oils for cooking and health. This is among other things due to the outstanding fatty acids, reports the consumer service Bavaria in a report.

Seeds supply the oil for consumption
According to experts, today’s rape varieties no longer contain harmful erucic acid and bitter-tasting glucosinolates from the seed coat thanks to cultivated seeds.

The seeds provide the oil for human consumption. And it has that in it.

Rapeseed oil contains numerous minerals, secondary plant substances such as carotenoids and the fat-soluble vitamins A, E and K, which as so-called antioxidants can protect cells from attacks by so-called free radicals.

Excellent fatty acids
Above all, however, the excellent fatty acids make rapeseed oil a particularly valuable foodstuff.

As the Verbraucherservice Bayern writes, the high content of monounsaturated oleic acid in the blood can lower cholesterol levels and thus prevent cardiovascular diseases.

“The star among the fatty acids is without doubt the Omega-3-Fetts?ure alpha Linolens?ure. It works inflammation-inhibiting, affects the Cholesterinspiegel as well as the elasticity of all blood vessels and Membranen positively and is component of Gewebshormonen , is called it in the report.

“Omega-3 fatty acids thus make an outstanding contribution to heart health.

Health benefits confirmed in studies
The advantages of this edible oil have already been proven in scientific studies. US-American researchers reported that rapeseed oil can help to reduce excess abdominal fat.

And according to German scientists it is better for fat men than olive oil, in order to improve the Cholesterin and liver values.

However rapeseed oil is often wrongly used according to experts. Thus native rapeseed oil should be used only for the cold kitchen, since it forms relatively fast dangerous Transfetts?uren with heat.

Refined rapeseed oil, on the other hand, is heavily processed in industry and is also suitable for frying as long as it does not get too hot. (ad)


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