Recall actions at Aldi and Penny: Plastic parts discovered in Sushi


Recall because of danger of injury: Sushi boxes could contain plastic parts
Two companies from Neuss and Leipzig have started a recall for sushi boxes. The products sold by Penny and Aldi Süd could contain plastic parts. There is a risk of injury from ingested foreign bodies.

Possible black hard plastic parts in salmon salad component
The two manufacturers Natsu Food from Neuss and Shisu from Leipzig recall sushi boxes from the shelves of the discounters Penny and Aldi Süd. As the portal “” reports, the two companies warned in a joint press release urgently against consuming these products with the consumption date October 30. “It cannot be ruled out that black hard plastic parts may be present in the salmon salad component in individual cases,” according to the statement.

Affected products already withdrawn from sale
According to the information submitted, the Ready Sushi Box Hana and Ready Sushi Box Kiku from the Penny markets and Snacktime Sushi-Box Sunakku and Snacktime Sushi-Box Shokuji from Aldi South are concerned.

According to “” the companies had the affected products taken off the market.

Customers who bought the items can return them for a refund.

Foreign bodies in food
In food production, errors in manufacturing processes can repeatedly lead to contamination or foreign bodies such as aluminium or plastic residues.

Foreign bodies in food can cause many different injuries and complaints.

Depending on the size, texture and material of the swallowed body, chewing may cause wounds to the mouth and throat.

Depending on their size, swallowed plastic parts can block the esophagus or the digestive organs.

If smaller parts remain in the body, they can sometimes cause inflammation. Digestive or stomach problems and internal injuries cannot be ruled out.

It can be particularly dangerous if the objects are glass.


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