Australian nutritionist and travel blogger, Ellie Bullen, lives an incredibly healthy life and regularly shares photos of her wholesome meals on social media. 

But when the Bali-based 25-year-old shared an image of her avocado and egg on toast this week, she received an influx of shocked comments from her fans. 

While the meal looked like a regular version of the popular breakfast staple, all was not as it appeared. 

Ellie, who is vegan, actually crafted the eggs by hand using a selection of vegan-friendly ingredients – but insists the alternative still tastes like a traditional egg.

‘I think I may have perfected a recipe for a fried egg,’ the stunning blonde said in a YouTube video.

‘It looks just like an egg so much so that people on my Instagram thought it really was an egg.’

Using a selection of ingredients like nutritional yeast, black salt, pumpkin and rice flour, Ellie formulated a vegan egg so lifelike that her followers are desperate to try it out for themselves.

‘You’re a genius! I want to make this for my husband who still eat eggs… let’s see if I can fool him,’ one woman wrote.

‘The resemblance is uncanny. Mind-blown,’ another added. 

The recipe is somewhat tricky to master. 

Cut up and de-skin a portion of the pumpkin – Ellie used 170 grams to recreate the egg yolk – and boil it.

While the pumpkin is boiling you can move onto the egg white. Empty 1/4 cup of rice flour, 1/4 cup of coconut milk, one tablespoon of water and a good pinch of salt into a bowl.

Known as a ‘rice batter’ you can set this aside while you construct the remaining ingredients of the yolk. 

Take a tablespoon of nutritional yeast, two tablespoons of corn flour, two tablespoons of water, two tablespoons of olive oil, 1/4 teaspoon of black pepper, a pinch of Himalayan salt and 1/4 teaspoon of the black salt and place them all together in a blender or food processor.

Once the pumpkin is cooked and drained also tip it into the blender.

Pulse the ingredients together before pouring the runny product into a separate cup. 

Using a saucepan on medium to high heat pour two tablespoons of the rice batter onto the hot surface. Give it 30 seconds to set before pouring the ‘yolk’ into the centre.

The edges of the ‘egg’ should crisp much like a traditional egg would and it should taste remarkably similar too.

Ellie spreads her Vegemite-like paste onto the sourdough with avocado before placing an egg on top to enjoy for breakfast.

The young travel writer hopes that people who have adopted a vegan lifestyle but ‘miss’ the flavour of eggs will enjoy her taken on the brunch staple.

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