Danish politician takes out a ‘enjoyable’ advert on Pornhub: Says he ‘must be the place the Danes are’


A Danish politician who took out an advert on the world’s largest porn website says he won’t buckle to the outrage.

Joachim B. Olsen, 41, an Olympic shot put silver medallist, appears in the Pornhub advert in a suit and smiling alongside the caption: ‘When you’re done w***ing, vote for Jokke! (his nickname).’

The parliamentarian for the centre-right Liberal Alliance party is hoping his ‘humour’ will help win votes in the June elections.

He commented on his Facebook profile on Sunday: ‘Yes, I am the one who is on pornhub (winky face). And no, there are not the big thoughts behind – I just hope you have a good laugh.

‘There must also be room for all the serious political messages.’

Olsen told DR: ‘You have to go out everywhere, and then we thought it might be fun to make an ad on Pornhub. So half of the internet is porn. And you have to be where the voters are. Also on a porn site.’

Olsen claims his campaign is ’95 percent serious’ and that there ought to be room for some fun.

Aware that his advert had outraged some Danes, Olsen told the Danish broadcaster: ‘One cannot say anything today without people being outraged. I don’t take that very hard. Those who know me as a politician, they know I’m a serious politician. But I also have humour. And I think this is fun.’

Asked whether he had sought party approval for the advert, Olsen said he was running his own campaign. 

The world class shot putter – who claimed silver in 2004 in Athens – has been a member of the Folketing since 2011.

He became well known with the Danish people when he won their version of Dancing with the Stars in 2008.

As well as the pornhub advert, his photos on Instagram and Facebook show him lifting heavy weights in the gym and lazing on his sofa in just his shorts.

In one previous campaign video he dead-lifts a colossal set of weights while wearing a Liberal Alliance t-shirt and ends with a ‘flossing’ dance, popularised by the video game Fortnite. 

The June 5 elections are being held on schedule at the end of the parliament’s four-year term.


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