Nastia Liukin has opened up about her split with fiance Matt Lombardi in a vulnerable interview after announcing the breakup last month. 

The 29-year-old Olympic gold medalist confirmed before Thanksgiving that she had split from her fiance, 36, after a three-year-long engagement. 

In an interview with professional football player Andrew East, who is also married to gymnast Shawn Johnson, Nastia revealed what it was like to break off the engagement and move onto a new chapter in her life. 

‘I’ve gone through moments recently in my personal life where I feel like I am failing at something if a relationship didn’t work out,’ Nastia revealed. ‘For me, that was personally a hurdle go get over because I tried so hard.’ 

The news broke in November ahead of Thanksgiving that Nastia and former hockey player Matt Lombardi broke off their engagement. 

The couple reportedly officially split over the summer. 

They were originally supposed to get married in June 2017 in Newport, Rhode Island after getting engaged in 2015, but the wedding was postponed tofocus on their careers. 

‘Sometimes in life you don’t have control over certain situations,’ Nastia admitted while opening up to Andrew, 27, on his podcast. 

Nastia became close friends with Andrew through her former Olympic teammate Shawn Johnson, 26. 

During the interview, it was revealed the three people all live together. Matt used to live in the house as well before moving out after the split.  

Nastia said on the podcast that the breakup with Matt was one of the hardest struggles she has had to overcome in her life. 

‘I think going through what I’ve gone through in the last six months or so, I feel like, has been [an] even more difficult struggle than any gymnastics struggle that I’ve gone through,’ Nastia candidly admitted. 

The gymnast explained how she thought she had her life figured out after finding love with Matt. But since that chapter has closed, she has had to start over. 

She explained: ‘It was always about family and my relationships and so having to go through a breakup where you feel like you have your whole life figured out…now I kind of joke with my mom, “I’m almost 30 years old and I’m getting old, mom.” 

‘But, you know, it’s scary because it’s starting over again.’ 

Transitioning into her newly single life after three years of being engaged has been difficult for Nastia who admitted she thought she had found the one. 

‘When I met Matt, I thought that he was going to be the one for the rest of my life,’ she said. 

‘You think that basically that chapter of finding the person you’re going to spend the rest of your life with is over and you know you found that person and you feel happy and secure.

‘Obviously things didn’t quite work out. For me, this kind of transition these last six months has been harder than any other transition.’ 

Despite the breakup, Nastia said she still cherishes the years she spent with Matt. 

‘I don’t regret a single thing at all,’ she said. 

‘I was able to share so many amazing memories with someone and think nothing but incredible things of him. 

‘It’s also an exciting time. Change should be exciting and not scary.’   

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