Riverdale star Lili Reinhart posted a series of photos of her posing in underwear and a variety of jackets as she is unveiled as the face of The Mighty Company x Ilaria Urbinati campaign.

The 22-year-old actress posted the photos that show Lili wearing two different jackets from the three-piece collection. 

In the post, Lili explained the purpose behind the fashion collaboration between The Mighty Company x Ilaria Urbinati, saying that 100 per cent of all proceeds will be donated to a charity that helps to stop forced and child marriages. 

Lili is no stranger to working in the world of fashion.

Only a few months ago the Ohio-born actress appeared in a H&M campaign, an Aerie campaign and a Bongo campaign. 

And in her latest fashion venture, Lili modeled for Los Angeles-based The Mighty Company in their new campaign that showcased a variety of funky break up-inspired jackets. 

The theme of the photo shoot, Jessie Willner of The Mighty Company, said: ‘was space cowgirl themed as a tongue-in-cheek embodiment of a wild, independent woman in a galactic setting. 

‘Ilaria pulled up the September 1995 Rolling Stone cover of Alicia Silverstone and we had to shoot a nod to it. Lili was the perfect front-woman of this because she’s this incredibly outspoken champion of women. 

‘She’s not following some set of antiquated rules that accompanies overnight success. She’s straightforward about what she believes and speaks out when she sees something wrong, demonstrating to a huge audience of young women that it’s okay to be unapologetically yourself,’ she added. 

The 22-year-old actress posted three photos to Instagram on Tuesday, with a caption that read: ‘Allow me to introduce to you The Mighty Company.

‘I was lucky enough to model their new Break Up collection, where 100 per cent of all proceeds will be donated to Unchained at Last, a nonprofit dedicated to stopping forced and child marriages and helping survivors build their lives.’  

She added: ‘Even if you can’t buy a jacket, show their page some love and consider donating whatever you can to this life changing charity.’  

The photographs see Lili posing in the jackets in front of different colored backgrounds in a futuristic, galaxy-like setting.

The jackets, some of which have different phrases on their backs including ‘Miss Galaxy’ and ‘Lost’, were inspired by the idea of a break up. 

Each one features planetary and celestial hand-cut elements atop a spectrum of specialty metallic and patent leathers.

Explaining the inspiration for the collection, the website reads: ‘Over a conversation about break-ups, Urbinati and The Mighty Company’s Jessie Willner decided to turn their commiseration into the inspiration for the capsule: injecting humor into something natively depressing, by taking concepts like being “lost” and “needing space” and translating them into universe-themed visuals in the jackets.  

‘Filled with hand-cut elements and satirical phrases atop metallic and patent leathers, the collection communicates the pair’s proclivity to a brand of slight irony reserved for a woman in command of her own cosmic fate.’  

The Mighty Company unveiled the collection, which is now available for purchase exclusively at themightycompany.com, alongside more photos of Lili wearing the jackets. 

The jackets, of which there are three in total, cost $995 each – 100 per cent of which is directly donated to Unchained at Last. 

Speaking about the philanthropic aspect of the collection, Jessie said: ‘We can pick lust over love, or love over suitability, or designate what our ‘type’ is, or be very decidedly single. We’re seeking with this project to give back to the women it touches one thing we so easily take for granted: Choice.’ 

Designer Ilaria added: ‘We realize we are very lucky to have grown up under circumstances wherein we get to make our own choices in our lives: to go after our dreams and the careers we choose, to marry or break up with the partners we choose, to make the decisions we ourselves select.

‘So we wanted to help support and empower girls and women who don’t have that simple privilege,’ she said.  

And although it looks like Lili has been busy working, it seems she has still made time to relax and have some down time. 

Lili, known as Betty Cooper in the hit series Riverdale, posted a photo of her beau Cole Sprouse on Instagram last week. 

The photo that saw Cole sitting with one of Lili’s dogs as the couple traveled to North Carolina to visit her family for Thanksgiving. 

Lili captioned the photo: ‘This picture makes me so happy.’    

The pair, who met while filming the hit series Riverdale, are known to regularly post adorable photos of each other to Instagram with equally heart-warming captions.