Makeup artist Huda Kattan has revealed her top tips and tricks for using makeup to create the illusion of having bigger eyes.

The 35-year-old artist, from Oklahoma, showed off her beauty hacks in a video she uploaded to her YouTube channel on Wednesday, February 27. 

The makeup mogul, who boasts a whopping 33.5 million followers on Instagram, said she is ‘constantly’ asked how to make eyes appear bigger by her fans and followers, spurring her on to create the highly anticipated video.

Courtesy: Huda Beauty

Makeup mogul Huda Kattan, best known as Huda Beauty, shared the video to her channel last week, and it has since garnered over 300,000 views as fans gather to check out her latest tips. 

The description of the video reads: ‘We all want to achieve that doe-eyed, Disney princess, Bambi look – without the Instagram filter. 

‘This is possible with makeup!’ she added.

Huda, who is the founder of beauty line Huda Beauty, began by revealing that she would be going through the ‘dos and don’ts’ for making eyes look ‘really nice and big’.

‘Let me tell you, there are a lot of tricks,’ she said. 

Throughout the eight-minute clip, the artist can be seen demonstrating the tips on one side of her face, while demonstrating what not to do on the other side.  

At the end of the video, the 35-year-old artist compares the result of both eyes, and shows the difference between the makeup she did on one eye to make it appear bigger, versus the makeup on the other eye, as a result of which appears much smaller. 

Huda begins by setting one thing straight – the importance of using the right shade of concealer. 

‘The wrong concealer for your eyes can make your eyes look tiny,’ she explained. 

Using a shade of concealer, that resembles the shade of her skin tone, Huda dotted the product all over her eye lid, before blending it out using a small fluffy brush. 

To show the impact of how using the wrong shade of concealer can ‘shrink’ the eye, she applied a light shade of concealer on the opposite eye.

She said: ‘I’ve had this done to me so many times by so many makeup artists back in the day, and it’s not attractive. 

‘It’s almost scary when you look up at yourself for the first time you’re like, “Woah, what happened?”‘ 


Next, the artist stresses the importance of using eye shadow to contour the eye, saying that utilizing the space on the eye lid is key for making the eye appear bigger. 

‘A lot of people think it’s just you put white eyeliner on your eye, and book your eyes look bigger,’ she explained.

‘That’s actually not what its about. It’s really about utilizing the space properly,’ she added.

Huda took a medium-shade brown eye shadow on a fluffy brush, and began swiping it gently in her eye socket and just underneath her brow bone, making the area appear more defined. 

‘This is now going to make this lid space look bigger,’ she said. 

To show the difference made by contouring, Huda left the other eye as it was.  

Huda’s next step involved bringing light back into the eye with the use of a light, shimmery shade of eye shadow. 

The makeup artist begins the step by applying the shimmery champagne color to the center of her eyelid. 

In order to ‘enhance the contour’ she then applied a small amount of the same light color to her brow bone. 

To show the good effect of highlighting properly, Huda compared this to a common mistake people make – applying too dark a shade under the arch of the eyebrow – which she demonstrated on the opposite eye. 

‘Nobody should ever do this,’ she said as she laughed. To make the opposite eye look even smaller, she took a dark brown-black shade and applied it to the lid. 

‘The difference is so insane already,’ she said. ‘That dark shadow kind of absorbs all the light in this area and it makes it look smaller.’    

The next step in achieving bigger-looking eyes, according to Huda, is using an eyeliner to create a fake lash line. 

She said: ‘There is a misconception with liner that applying too much can make your eyes look small. So you really want to make sure that you apply liner in a shape.’

Using a felt-tip liquid eyeliner, Huda began lining her upper lash line, creating a small wing toward the outer corner of the eye.

Then, she dragged the liner into the inner corner of her eye slightly, before grabbing a cream-white colored pencil eyeliner, which she used to line her water line. 

On the opposite eye, Huda used a dark black colored eyeliner to show the difference in using a light and dark color and how they can make the eyes appear different in size.  

Coming to the end of the tutorial, Huda applied a light layer of mascara to her upper lashes, before adding a set of false lashes.

She explained: ‘A lot of people are afraid of big lashes, they think they’re too heavy. But if you put them directly on your eyes – yes – they can absolutely be too heavy.

‘I’m going to put them a big higher than where my lash line is, I’m actually going to apply it on the liner.’

She then used her finger to push the lashes up, making her eye appear more open.

Huda then used another layer of mascara to ‘life the eye lashes even more’, before adding a coating to the bottom lashes as well. 

She then applied a ‘soft’ brown shade of eye shadow underneath the lower lashes to contour the area. 

Last, but not least, Huda, who naturally has deep brown eyes, revealed that wearing contact lenses of a light color can make eyes appear bigger overall. 

‘It just tends to add more of a lightness to the space,’ she said.

Using a light green-blue colored contact lense, Huda applied it to the eye, and compared it to her darker eye, which appeared significantly smaller.

When the look was complete, Huda said: ‘We made this whole space look big. We made this kind of faux lid and we highlighted in the right places.

‘Whereas on this eye we did the opposite, we made a faux lid that looks smaller and looks a little bit more tiny.’

Speaking about Bratz dolls, she continued: ‘There’s a reason why they make these doll’s [eyes] bigger, there’s a reason Disney characters now have really big eyes.

‘It can look really attractive,’ she added.    

And it isn’t the first time the 35-year-old has let her fans and followers in on her best tips and tricks.  

The makeup artist has been filming and uploading makeup tutorials since approximately 2010.

Her videos include makeup tutorials, DIY videos and different beauty-related hacks.

She boasts a whopping three million subscribers on YouTube, and has even created her own beauty line, Huda Beauty, which started off as a blog nine years ago.

The line, which features a variety of different makeup products, launched in 2013, and has proven successful among Huda’s clientele.  

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