Authorities on Wednesday arrested suspected members of the Italian Mafia ‘Ndrangheta across Europe on the heels of a sweep of accused mobsters.

The Wednesday morning raids took place in Italy, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands in connection with the roundup. Italian authorities said 90 people have been taken into custody so far, Sky News reported.

Eurojust, the European Union agency that coordinates cross-border crime fighting, announced the raids in a statement.

“Today, supported by a coordination center at Eurojust, judicial and law enforcement authorities from the Netherlands, Italy, Germany and Belgium are currently executing arrests and seizures against a ‘Ndrangheta criminal group involved in cocaine trafficking, money laundering, bribery and violence,” Wednesday’s statement read.

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“Today’s action, codenamed ‘Pollino,’ is the result of an intensive joint investigation that started in 2016 and has been coordinated at European level.”

Fred Westerbeke, chief prosecutor of the Dutch Prosecutor’s office, said authorities seized roughly $2.27 million in the raids, along with amounts of ecstasy and cocaine. The suspects are believed to be connected with numerous crimes.

Italian police arrested Settimo Mineo, 80, Tuesday, who authorities believe to be the lead Mafia boss who replaced the late Salvatore Riina. His arrest was among the 46 people taken into custody.

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“In an extraordinary intervention in the province of Palermo, the police have dismantled the new top leadership of Cosa Nostra … guilty of extortion, arson and aggression,” Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini wrote in a tweet.

Authorities believe Mineo led the alleged crime organization back to prominence after it appeared idle for several years.