New video assessment system to be examined at ATP Subsequent Gen finals


A new form of video review will be tested at next month’s ATP Next Gen Finals, allowing players to challenge a wider range of decisions.

Using the same Hawk-Eye technology which is used on disputed line calls, the experiment will cover double-bounces, net touches or shots played before the ball has crossed the net.

In such situations players will be able to call for a review, with no limits on the number of requests, with a video operator then sending the relevant footage to the chair umpire’s table. As with line calls, the same images will appear on the big screen in the venue.

ATP executive chairman and president Chris Kermode said: ‘Innovation is at the heart of everything we do at the Next Gen ATP Finals and we’re looking towards the future in all aspects of this tournament.

‘Adding Video Review will give players a new tool that will further enhance the officiating in our sport. The Next Gen ATP Finals continue to position the ATP at the forefront of innovation in tennis as we also look to deliver on our mission to provide a global stage for the future stars of the ATP World Tour.’

Gayle David Bradshaw, executive vice president, ATP rules and competition, said: ‘Controversy with these types of decisions are rare, but when they do occur they can be particularly unsettling for players.

‘We do not expect a lot of challenges, but should any instances arise, this technology will ensure the correct decision is reached.’

Future use of video review could also include decisions on whether to award the point or to replay it in the case of a corrected line call by an official.

The Next Gen ATP Finals take place in Milan from November 6-10.



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