A number of people have revealed the most painful things ever said to them before in a tear-jerking video that has garnered over three million views.

The video, which was made by San Diego-based filmmaker Thoraya Maronesy, shows more than 30 individuals revealing the worse things that anyone has ever said to them.

Being name-called, being insulted by ex-boyfriends and girlfriends, and experiences surrounding physical and mental health issues are among the painful stories told by the group of strangers in the emotional 12-minute video.

The clip gets off to an emotional start, when a teenage boy revealed that he was told that he only has three months to live, five months ago. 

He said: ‘I went to the doctor and he said I only have three more months to live, and it was five months ago, so I’m waiting. 

‘I have a rare type of tumor, it’s a type of lymphoma. It’s like a blood tumor, a blood cancer. The life expectancy is very low,’ he added.

Another participant, a young girl, told the story about how she ended up in the hospital after a party during which she consumed alcohol.

She said: ‘I was at a party, and I had been given a lot of alcohol, and I ended up in the hospital. 

‘They decided to perform a rape kit on me, and the police officer told me “I don’t think there’s anything we can do about this because he was your boyfriend, and juries usually don’t go for convictions when it’s someone you trust”.

She added: ‘Growing up you look back and you think and you reflect. There’s things that happen to you, but they make you stronger as a person. So you kind of have to take it as a learning tool and just move on and know that you’re stronger because of it.’ 

A young girl detailed an experience she had on a school bus while talking to a friend.

She explained: ‘I think I was in fourth grade. I was on the school bus and I was talking to my friend, and he was just like “shut the f up, you effing n word”.’

A common topic in the video was that of relationships with family members.

A male participant said: ‘A while back, my father and I got into a pretty intense argument, and he told me that he was ashamed to have me as a son, and that really hit me hard. 

‘To this day I still think about that and use that to motivate me to be better, and to try and build a relationship with him again,’ he added. 

A mother-of-one said that when she was growing up her mother asked her ‘why aren’t you smart enough?’, when she was attempting math homework in the fourth grade. 

Speaking about her young son, she said: ‘Now that I have him I would never say that to my kid. Ever.’

An elderly woman added that the most painful thing anyone ever told her was when someone told her that her son was ‘seriously injured in Iraq’. 

A male participant said the most painful thing ever said to him was by his father, who told him that he was ‘an accident’. 

A young woman revealed that her father told her when she was growing up that she ‘could never do anything’ and that she could never leave the house that she grew up in. 

She explained: ‘I left, obviously, and now I’m doing great things and I’m helping other people, so I proved him wrong. I’ve overcome that.’

Another woman recalled a time when she was 12-years-old and hurt her leg on a boat. When she was brought home her grandmother said: ‘Who the f*** brought her here?’ 

As the video went on, more and more people began revealing the hurtful things that people they were once in relationships had said to them.

‘Being away from you has been so good for me and my mental health,’ one participant said someone had told her.

‘I can’t spend time with you Sky. How bad your mental health is makes you a tiring person to be around,’ another added.

Another said the most painful thing ever said to her was ‘I’m not sure if I’m in love with you.’ 

A different participant said someone once told her that nobody could ever love her, and revealed that she thought this was her partner trying to ‘trap’ her in their relationship.

‘No one could ever love you, you’re too broken,’ she said. ‘It was kind of a way for him to make me feel trapped in the relationship because if he could convince me that nobody could ever love me I would accept what he was giving me, which wasn’t love,’ she added.

Another woman said she was insulted by someone she went was once dating.

She explained: ‘You should be grateful that I’m even giving you attention because you’re fat and no one will love you anyway.’

‘A guy that I was dating tried to go too far on the second date,’ she added.

A male participant explained his story, saying: ‘I was in the third grade. There was this girl who I liked. I overheard her talking with one of her friends and she was like “oh, do you like Dan?”, and she was like “no, he’s fat”.

‘She didn’t know I was there and she didn’t know that I saw it. It just stayed with me and I remember just being totally crushed,’ he added.

One woman revealed the worst thing anyone said to her was regarding her appearance. 

Revealing that she used to suffer with bad acne and acne scarring, she said: ‘One day I went into work without makeup and my boss told me “you look like you do drugs, like you’ve been picking at your face”. 

‘It was so painful for me. That’s when I became obsessed with makeup. For a long time I couldn’t go out of the house without makeup. 

‘Even now I still struggle going out of the house with no makeup, but I feel like slowly I’m going to heal from that, and slowly the words will become meaningless, but they were very impactful to me and still continue to be impactful to me,’ she added.

Another female participant said the most painful thing someone said to her was someone telling her that her face was fat.

‘I have really big cheeks, and I smile a lot. But they didn’t like that, so they were like “your face is fat”, so that was kind of hurtful to me because I feel like that was my trademark like, you know, my cheeks are my trademark,’ she said.    

Since the video was uploaded to Thoraya’s YouTube channel, it has received over three million views. 

The clip has also garnered hundreds of comments, as viewers joined in to comment on the video and to reveal the worst things ever said to them before.

One YouTube user commented on the video saying: ‘Parents have to be careful what they say. It carries through adult hood.’

Another user said: ‘There are so many bad things that people said to me… That I couldn’t choose one that stands out. And that is really, really sad. I realize that right now.’

A third user added: ‘People remembering bad things said to them from 4th grade. Shows you how powerful words are. And what impact they can make. Use them carefully people.’

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