The brand behind the bikini bottoms that sparked strong debate has finally responded to the online controversy in a very unique way.

Australian brand Beginning Boutique posted photos of their latest ultra-brief swimwear range to Facebook.

The photos lead their followers to question the logistics of how this style of bikini bottom manages to cover female genitalia, leading to hilarious comments on the posts.

The bikini that received the strongest reaction was their Haymen Bikini Tee Red & White $59.95 and Heron Bikini Bottoms Red & White $39.95.

The Beginning Boutique website said the 90s inspired bikini bottoms feature ‘a white body with red trim, a super high cut waist, adjustable sides, and a Brazil-style bottom.’ 

In just a matter of days, the shot gained over 149,000 comments and 35,000 shares.  

‘I can’t even sit like this in a normal bathing suit without my camel trying to stick its toe out and test the water,’ one bemused commenter said.

Another person went as far as to call the product a ‘cl** hammock’. 

‘I had a less intrusive smear test today,’ said another. 

Many people couldn’t believe that this was happening, with one person asking: ‘Are we not meant to have vaginas in 2019?’.  

But Beginning Boutique has turned the controversy into a positive, redirecting the attention they’ve received to vaginal health.

‘We want to say a big thank you to everybody who brought vaginas to attention this week,’ owner Sarah Timmerman said in a video posted to the labels Instagram stories. 

‘This publicity that has been gained is not great when it is at the expense of another human being and through body shaming. We’d like to redirect this attention to cervical cancer.

‘If you are over 25 and have not had a check recently jump into a doctor because as you guys said, this swimwear is more evasive than a pap smear, and now you have no excuse.’

They said they would also donate 10 per cent of profits from the two pieces that have gone viral to pink ribbon.

‘Together we can show that all vaginas are equal and deserve to be healthy and taken care of,’ she said in conclusion.

Hundreds of followers commented on the video commending the message Sarah was sending.

This being said, they didn’t agree with every aspect of her message. 

‘I mean good on them but pretty sure no one was body shaming anyone. Everyone was just laughing at how ridiculous their “clothing” is lol,’ one comment read.

Many people said that it was actually the company who was body shaming because of their sizing.

One woman said it was clear that their clothes were ‘only for thin people’.  

‘I see what they’re trying to do here (i.e. deflect from the original issue) but honestly this just makes me want to roll my eyes so hard that my retinas detach,’ another commenter said.

‘The donations are great, the opportunity to speak on something as important as cervical testing is great, what’s not great is not acknowledging the issue that caused all of this to go viral in the first place – that being, that BB’s stock is no longer friendly for A LOT of individuals and is in fact quite off-putting for new and existing consumers.’

The brand responded to the comments saying that they know they can always ‘get better and do more’.

‘I appreciate your feedback and hopefully you enjoy the shoot that we did today with Ariella Nyssa, it will be on socials in the next week. We will constantly work to improve ourselves,’ they said.  

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