Usain Bolt takes to Instagram to request Raheem Sterling’s haircut 


London barber HD Cutz is a popular destination for a number of footballers, including Raheem Sterling and former sprinter Usain Bolt. 

Bolt, who has been on trial with Australian team Central Coast Mariners, took to Instagram requesting a new haircut after a training session.

‘HD, where you at boss? I need a hookup!’ Bolt said on his story, clearly not happy with his current hairdo.   

The rest of his story is of his training session, with Bolt running hard on the treadmill.

‘That was a workout, that was real,’ he said, before moving onto his hairstyle.

‘I need that Raheem Sterling boss. Oh my God I need it!’ Bolt is obviously a fan of Sterling’s new haircut, and wants to get it for himself.

Greatness ! Fresh HD alert 🚨 @sterling7 @mancity @england it’s just that HD drip 💧 💧💧💧 l Match Ready 👌🏽 @usainbolt @leonbailey_9 RAZ fresh now 👀🙌🏽

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Sterling was featured on HD Cutz’s Instagram last month, showing off his new do. The barber is based in Battersea, but often send barbers out to people in dire need of a trim.

They sent a barber up to the Brazilian national team’s hotel in Liverpool ahead of the World Cup earlier this year. 

HD Cutz and Usain Bolt have a history together, with the Jamaican appearing in promotional videos and wearing merchandise.  

3 years ago I approached my bro @usainbolt for a picture trying hype up my instagram after spotting him on a night out in london , I was quickly hustled to the side by his then security team and entourage at that time I left without a photo and my business card still clutched in my palms as I was trying to give him a HD business card …. 3 years later he is #family #brother representing HD everyday ! Everywhere! Dancing across my shop front on a television screen everyday drawing the attention of dozens of passerby everyday … . Moral of the story is there is no time like the right time , just never give up ! Not because you don’t succeed first time , keep trying . This is my life based off a TRUE story … #hd #brand #global #winnerscircle #legend #legendary

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Getting a haircut like a footballer might be a way for Usain Bolt to improve his game. Perth Glory striker Andy Keogh says the Olympic champion has a ‘touch like a trampoline’ and won’t make it as a professional. 

Central Coast Mariners’ contract negotiations for Usain Bolt have hit a snag, but are reported to still be ongoing. 


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