With Christmas just a few weeks away, it can be all too easy to fall into the busy trap of sorting presents, planning food and cleaning the house before a mountain of guests descend.

But it’s important to make time for your sex and love life, as Australian sex and relationship expert, Pamela Supple, attests.

Speaking to FEMAIL, Pamela revealed the five ways you can enjoy a better sex life this festive season. 

One of her top tips is that everyone should make time for a ‘quickie’ after Christmas lunch. 

While you might have been in a relationship for quite some time, there’s no need to settle into boring routines. 

Pamela recommends you indulge in a quickie at a family event, when everyone else is sitting around the table full and digesting.

‘Slip away with your other half and if near the ocean go for a swim or a bushwalk or to the pool and lie on the warm ground, indulging in a quickie,’ she told FEMAIL.

Th sex expert recommends this because it adds a little spice to your relationship – and also an element of surprise.

Socks, underwear and cologne might be more traditional presents for your other half.

But Pamela says women should all give their partners a ‘pleasure product’ this Christmas.

‘Duck away from everyone during the weeks, days or time you have off and use them,’ she said.

‘The rewards will be excitement, great sex, exercise, bonding and fun times.’

She said something like the Liberty from Womanizer is a good present, as it has ‘six intensity levels to help control the fun’.

Pamela said it’s a great idea to write some sexy gift notes and hide them around the house.

‘You could pop them into a “for you only” stocking and ask your partner to open them when no one else is around,’ she said.

‘Take turns in selecting and using when you both feel sexy, playful and naughts and dip into them for some erotic fun together,’ she said.

This, she added, will help to rejuvenate a languishing relationship, and give you some fun to have with your partner over Christmas.

So often we don’t make the time to touch or kiss our partners, but Pamela said we should all do so this Christmas.

‘Carry a piece of mistletoe (if not the real one, then a novelty piece) with you wherever you go,’ she said.

‘Bring it out and hang it above your head to indulge in a surprise kiss.’

If you find yourself feeling a little run down over Christmas, Pamela suggests if you have children that you give them to the grandparents for a day or two.

‘Utilise this opportunity to take advantage of precious time alone,’ she said.

‘We are all so time poor these days that here is a great opportunity to connect and re-bond intimately and sexually and spice up your love lives.

‘Include some fabulous massages with amazing oils,’ she added.