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This could be your chance to catching those elusive eight hours.

DESPITE THE BIZARRE rumour that Albert Einstein only slept for three hours a night, the truth is that he achieved all that scientific brilliance on a full ten hours. Which is… not a huge surprise.

And if you’ve ever tried to concentrate on anything when you’re feeling tired, you’ll know why he needed adequate rest.

If you don’t feel like you’re getting that, you’re not alone – according to a Natural Sleep survey of 1,800 people in Ireland, about half of us (54%) are getting 6-8 hours sleep, with around 36% of us getting less than six hours.

That’s why to celebrate Science Week, which runs from 11 – 18 November, we’ll have sleep expert Dr Annie Curtis in studio with us on Monday afternoon to answer all of your questions about your sleep.

So, got a question for Dr Curtis? Tell us in the comments below or email  it to


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