One of the more confounding mysteries surrounding the launch of the iPhone XR was the lack of official cases from Apple. The iPhone maker typically launches a few cases alongside its new handsets, but despite mentioning a clear case in the press release for the XR, it was nowhere to be found on October 26th.

More than a month later, the iPhone XR Clear Case has suddenly materialized on with a price tag of $39. According to the website, orders placed today can be delivered as early as this Friday, December 7th. If you’re willing to wait in order to save on shipment, Apple estimates you’ll receive your case on Monday, December 10th. That’s the same date I’m seeing for in-store pickup as well, but call a local store to see if it’s in stock.

Many iPhone owners hate to cover up the design of their phone, but don’t want it exposed to the elements. This clear polycarbonate case with its scratch-resistant coating is a perfect compromise. Here’s Apple’s description:

It’s unclear why it took Apple so long to launch this case, but you can buy it right now on