Celeb coach liable for Victoria’s Secret fashions reveals methods to sculpt killer bum


The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is one of the style community’s most hotly anticipated events of the year.

The fiercest and fittest catwalk queens undergo a rigorous and ruthless training schedule for months on end in preparation for an equally ruthless casting process which selects the world’s most killer physiques.

New Jersey-based personal trainer Michael Blauner is the man behind many a washboard ab and toned glute, the most notable of which belong to an army of veteran VS models.

Mr Blauner shared his expertise with Pop Sugar Australia on how to achieve the derriere of dreams, just like your favourite ‘angels’.

To maintain the flawless physiques of the VS crew, Mr Blauner mixes a variety of training techniques into every session including body weight exercises, weightlifting, yoga positions and cardio.

‘You need resistance exercises in order to [place]your muscles under stress – [this]allows them to become conditioned and more toned,’ he said.

‘I train the Victoria’s Secret girls hard and fast.’

Mr Blauner said his go-to workouts for models in the run up to the show involve heavy doses of squats, lunges and lying butt lifts, all of which serve to tighten leg and glute muscles like no other.

The fitness guru is an advocate of moderate cardio, but maintains the real magic of muscle growth happens in the weight zone.

He recommended running at a fast pace for about 15 minutes two or three times a week.

Mr Blauner also stressed the importance of keeping exercise varied and interesting, to keep you mind focused and your body challenged in different ways during every session.

In terms of diet, Mr Blauner advised maintaining a meal plan focused on protein with small amounts of carbs and healthy fats.

A number of high profile Oceania-born models were recently confirmed for the 2018 Fashion Show which is slated to take place in New York City in November.

Shanina Shaik, Georgia Fowler and Kelly Gale will be making their return to the VS catwalk, with newcomers Duckie Thot, Alannah Walton and Maia Cotton all making their debut this year.

Indian-Australian beauty Kelly Gale recently revealed she kicks her workout regimen into ‘high gear’ about a month before the show, cutting out sodium and sugar and bulking up her exercise by completing a 25km power walk every day.

As for repeat returnee Shanina Shaik, the Melbourne-born stunner claims to maintain her figure by eating for her blood type, focusing on protein and a small dose of carbs.


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