Do Prince William and Prince Harry really like Camilla Parker Bowles?

Some royal fans have been debating over whether or not the Duke of Cambridge and Duke of Sussex like the Duchess of Cornwall considering what she did to their parents’ marriage. The late Princess Diana revealed in her infamous interview that “there were three of us in this marriage,” revealing Prince Charles and Camilla’s affair.

In this forum, some netizens shared their thoughts on Prince William and Prince Harry’s real relationship with Camilla behind closed doors, and they have mixed opinions when it comes to the subject of Princess Diana’s sons liking Prince Charles’ second wife.

“Both Prince William & Prince Harry are Club Princess Diana. There is no way they like Camilla, the woman who caused their mother so much grief & sadness & misery,” one royal fan wrote.

She continued by saying that Prince William and Prince Harry “must resent“ Camilla and added that Princess Diana’s sons were also not too fond of their dad, Prince Charles. The netizen explained that Prince William and Prince Harry must “carry on” but not necessarily like Camilla.

Another royal fan wasn’t convinced that Prince Charles and Camilla really ever ended their relationship despite being married to other people. She also thinks that Prince William and Prince Harry were forced to accept the situation.

“As far as the young Prince’s liking her, I think they tolerate her as the ‘status quo.’ In order to keep peace in the family, they accept the situation rather than her. (I can well understand the reasoning),” she wrote.

However, some believed that Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle’s husbands had learned to accept Camilla because they saw how she made the Prince of Wales happy. When the future king and Camilla got married, Prince William and Prince Harry gave the bride and groom a naughty surprise.

Prince William and Prince Harry decorated their car and gave the newlyweds a send-off to remember as they departed for their honeymoon. They also decorated their ride with “Just Married,” “C + C,” heart symbols and smiley faces.

Prince Harry previously opened up about his and Prince William’s relationship with Camilla. According to him, the Duchess of Cornwall is not a “wicked” stepmom, but a “wonderful woman.” Markle’s husband also said that he and Prince William “love her to bits.”

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