E Ink, the company that’s mostly known for its e-reader displays, has announced a new type of screen called JustWrite. The new screen technology features a film acting as the display where users are able to write and scribble with little to no latency.

“Exhibiting almost no latency in pen writing, this technology closely resembles writing on paper, natural surfaces or marker boards,” E Ink explained in a press release.

“The film can be produced via roll to roll manufacturing typical of E Ink’s electronic paper, and requires only a writing stylus and simple electronics to enable functionality. The simplicity of this technology enables any surface, small to large, to be digital writing enabled.”

Like E Ink’s previous display technologies, JustWrite requires very little power in order to work. The technology also doesn’t cost too much to manufacture since the company isn’t using thin-film-transitor (TFT) LCDs like on its previous e-paper screens, as pointed out by TechCrunch.

The JustWrite film is very flexible and users will be able to place it on walls and tables. If the technology is used widely, it could potentially mean that any hard surface would be able to work with a stylus.

“The JustWrite film features one of E Ink’s proprietary electronic inks and offers similar benefits as E Ink’s other product lines: a paper-like experience with a good contrast and reflective display without a backlight,” the company said.

“The JustWrite film is an all plastic display, making it extremely durable and lightweight, with the ability to be affixed and removed easily, enabling writing surfaces in a variety of locations.”

The company also published a short video on Vimeo showing off the JustWrite film being used to draw some structures. Unlike e-readers that have black text on white surface, JustWrite turns that around by having a white on black aesthetic. E Ink also said that the new technology is compatible with an optional digitizer.

The JustWrite technology can also be configured to any shape, including designs that feature holes. Although the short video only shows a simple pen stylus being used, E Ink said that it can support a variety of writing styles, including brushes, markers and stamps. Overall, it seems like it could be a viable replacement for blackboards in classrooms.

E Ink hasn’t disclosed any information on when JustWrite will be available to customers, but the company did start showing off the new technology in person at an event in Tokyo last week.