Highlights of federal election campaign – News Report



* Prime Minister Scott Morrison campaigned in Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, Tasmania, Geelong, Wangaratta, Canberra, Cairns, Gladstone and Nowra.

* Labor leader Bill Shorten campaigned on the NSW Central Coast, Tasmania, Adelaide, Perth, Sydney and Melbourne.

* Morrison unveils his plan to help first-home buyers enter the market, a policy Labor quickly matches.

* Shorten is mobbed by high school students hungry for a selfie.

* The prime minister is questioned about his religious beliefs and views on same-sex marriage, confirming he doesn’t believe gay people go to Hell.

* The Greens lose their Parkes candidate over social media posts questioning facts about the Port Arthur massacre, despite denying he’s a conspiracy theorist.

* An angry Liberal voter disrupts Shorten while he is championing his climate plan, asking where Labor will get its money from.

* Morrison meets Jarrad Cirkel in Tasmania and is extremely taken with his mullet, saying it’s the best one he’s ever seen.

* Paul Keating takes aim at Peter Dutton saying voters have a “chance to drive a political stake through his dark political heart”. Dutton says Keating killed small business.

* Shorten promises to crackdown on wage theft by creating a new jurisdiction alongside the Fair Work Commission.

* While touring Sydney markets Morrison admits to loving coriander.

* Shorten makes dumplings in a marginal Sydney seat, and is offered a part-time gig by the restaurant owners. He politely declines the offer, noting he’s going for another job.

* Both leaders make their final major speeches of the campaign, with Morrison telling voters it’s not the time to turn back, while Shorten told Australians it’s time for change.

* Former Labor leader Bob Hawke dies two days before Australians head to the polls, casting a shadow over the end of the campaign and changing Shorten’s election-eve plans.


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