‘How To Get Away With Murder’ Season 5 Spoilers: Episode Eight Synopsis


Annalise believes Governor Birkhead is responsible for the death of Nate Sr., but on “How To Get Away With Murder” Season 5, episode 8, the defense attorney will have to set aside her suspicions to attend Connor and Oliver’s wedding.

“Connor (Jack Falahee) and Oliver’s (Conrad Ricamora) big wedding day has arrived, but there’s murder in the air,” the synopsis for “I Want to Love You Until the Day I Die” teases. In the promo video for the ABC series, Connor repeats the exact words from the episode title to Oliver at their ceremony.

In previous flash-forwards, Connor struggled to track down Oliver at the reception and went outside to search for his new husband. However, seeing as murder is in the air, there is no guarantee the newlyweds will live to see their honeymoon.

“The unlucky victim is revealed,” the synopsis for “How To Get Away With Murder” Season 5, episode 8 says. In the “I Want to Love You Until the Day I Die” promo video, Bonnie (Liza Weil) warns Nate (Billy Brown) that if he keeps digging, he’s going to get them all killed.

In the previous episode, Bonnie learned Annalise (Viola Davis) started drinking again because Governor Birkhead (Laura Innes) found out about the adoption. The details about the adoption haven’t been discussed on screen, but would Annalise and Bonnie be willing to kill to cover it up?

The flash forward during “HTGAWM” Season 5, episode 7 featured Bonnie walking away from a man dressed in a dark suit and bloody white dress shirt. Following the scene, viewers began to question whether or not Bonnie actually murdered him.

Earlier in the season, Bonnie was seen with blood on her shoe, making fans suspect she killed the victim. However, at the end of episode 7, viewers found out Bonnie wasn’t alone at the crime scene, and whoever was with her had a meltdown over the murder.

Bonnie gave the person instructions to take both the car and the victim’s body and pull themselves together. When the identity of the person Bonnie was speaking to was not revealed, it still left viewers with the question of who died at the wedding. 

The “How to Get Away With Murder” Season 5, winter finale airs Thursday at 10 p.m. EST on ABC.


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