Invoice Linnane’s hilarious weekly tackle parenting: We packed our son off to highschool and informed him he was a zombie hurler – Eire


There are many wonderful things about the dark half of the year – putting children to bed at 5pm, chunky knitwear to disguise your chunky form, pre-festive season crash diets in the form of the norovirus – but one thing that isn’t especially welcome is the official start of goth season.

Halloween was known as Samhain to our pagan forebears, presumably because their kids used to come home from school and announce that, “Samhain needs to help me make a costume for school”.

There is an eldritch dread when a child comes home and insists they can’t just buy an ill-fitting costume from Smyths. They have to make one, as there will be prizes for the best creation.

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