Fans were elated when they learned Meghan Markle and Prince Harry were expecting their first child together and would become parents by Spring 2019. However, many are beginning to wonder if the royal couple is actually expecting double the pleasure in the form of twins.

There’s been speculation for a while that the Duchess could wind up having more than one baby, even prior to her official announcement that she was even pregnant. Now, another big sign has emerged that many truly believe she is going to welcome two children in 2019.

According to Us Weekly, an Irish betting company known as Paddy Power has stopped taking bets on the pregnancy due to a sudden surge of people placing money on the possibility that Markle would be giving birth to multiple babies.

“An unprecedented amount of bets on Meghan and Harry to have twins has forced us to stop taking bets on the market altogether,” a spokesperson for the betting company told the publication. “Since the day began, the stream of bets has led us to believe that perhaps the punters—or an insider source—knows something more than we do.”

The odds that the couple could be expecting twins reached a high of 5 to 1 before betting was suspended. The pair has not confirmed whether or not they are expecting more than one child, but if they do welcome twins, they would be the first in the royal family to have two babies at once since Queen of Scotland Joan Beaufort gave birth to twin boys in 1430.

The speculation about Markle having twins also previously ran rampant ahead of the official announcement that she was pregnant.