Nicole Kidman’s dirty secret is out, and it’s all because of husband Keith Urban.

On Friday, the 51-year-old singer-songwriter confirmed in an interview with iNews that the song “Gemini” on his “Graffiti U” 2018 studio album is indeed about the Hollywood actress, also 50. The revelation definitely raised some eyebrows because the lyrics in the song talks about a woman who is “a maniac in the bed” and “a brainiac in her head.”

However, Urban maintained that Kidman didn’t have any issue with the song, which he co-wrote with Julia Michaels. He said that his wife was actually pleased with the track.

“The song is actually about Nicole — and she loves. It’s a fun song,” he said.

Explaining more on how the song relates to his wife, Urban said that even though Kidman is a Gemini, she’s not a contradiction because she can readily roll with things.

The Academy Award-winning actress and the four-time Grammy-winning musician tied the knot in 2006. They have two daughters together, Sunday 10, and Faith, 8. Additionally, Kidman is a mother to ex-husband Tom Cruise’s kids, Isabella, 26, and Connor, 24, according to Us Weekly.

While Nicole and Keith appear to be very much in love and united, as proven by their joint charity projects, several tabloid reports have claimed that the two actually share a rocky marriage.

Last month, National Enquirer ran a story on how the “Big Little Lies” actress was planning to take some time from her showbiz career just so she could go on tour with Urban in hopes of saving their marriage. A source for the tabloid claimed that Kidman was afraid that Keith might relapse on alcohol and drugs while touring and that she’s also preventing any infidelity from happening.

Supermarket tabloid Globe also published a report claiming that Nicole was freaking out because she’s “losing her hair” amid her marital issues with Keith. A tipster for the outlet said that Kidman was afraid that she won’t be landing roles if she continues to lose her hair.

However, both reports have been debunked. A rep for the actress has clarified that there is no truth to any of the tabloid stories involving Kidman and her husband.

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