Meghan Markle’s fans are being blamed for her alleged rift with Kate Middleton.

Richard Fitzwilliams, a royal expert, called the Duchess of Sussex’s supporters “destructive” during his interview with Express. He said that they are the ones how have been comparing Markle with Middleton, but doing so has been an absolute nonsense.

“I think that’s absolute nonsense, personally. Regarding people, there is a very very destructive feed on Twitter that compares the Duchesses. Their roles are different, their future is different, and comparing the number of engagements and so forth. I mean, we know Kate is excellent at what she does and we know that Meghan with the ‘Meghan mania’ and the Meghan effect she’s superb at what she does. But there is a destructive attempt to compare what they do,” he said.

Fitzwilliams said that regardless of what people say, Middleton and Markle are both good at what they are doing as members of the royal family. But since they have different backgrounds, they have a different way of doing things. They also have different fates.

Earlier this week, Markle’s fans labeled Middleton as lazy and creepy and said that the mom of three has zero personality. One of the “Suits” alum’s supporters also penned a lengthy tweet in defense of her idol.

“I only got one thing to say, no matter what you think, Kate will never be on Meghan’s level, all that crazy consort did was marry a prince, she doesn’t know about working, and connection with others, don’t disrespect Meghan like that,” the fan wrote.

One critic called Middleton creepy for always copying Princess Diana’s style. The late Princess of Wales passed away in 1997.

“Kate Middleton is a creepy woman for wearing everything Diana used to wear trying to win sympathy by using her dead mother in law scary. Zero personality,” the critic wrote.

“Duchess Do-Little envies Meghan I’m sure and that really bothers Kate,” another critic tweeted.