Prince Charles is reportedly edging closer to the throne as his mom, Queen Elizabeth II, starts to slow down in taking on royal duties.

Alice Scarsi, a journalist for Express, said that the 70-year-old heir to the throne has become more active in recent years while preparing to take his mom’s place. Prince Charles’ increased public duties and higher profile are regarded as two vital steps in preparing the nation for a change when he becomes the leader of the monarchy.

Also, in recent years, Her Majesty has shown signs of slowing down. She has delegated some of her royal duties to the younger members of the royal family. The Queen has also stopped traveling overseas and asked her children and grandchildren to carry out important ceremonies on her behalf.

Prince Charles carried out a total of 507 engagements out of the 3,900 scheduled outings of the royal family last year. He also visited 10 foreign nations as the Prince of Wales in 2018. Prince Charles did a lot of things for the royal family last year even though he has already passed the usual age of retirement of 65.

Charlie Proctor of Royal Central told Daily Star that a similar thing is being done by Prince William. The source said that the Duke of Cambridge is preparing to take over the throne based on the number of engagements he took part in last year. Years ago, Prince William conducted only 62 engagements, but this has increased to 220 last year.

“The increase in engagements shows that William is preparing to one day become Prince of Wales, and eventually king. Although he has a young family and will obviously want to spend quality time with them, he needs to find the right work/family life balance,” he said.

However, it is important to note that Prince William will not become king anytime soon. The role will first be given to Prince Charles when the Queen dies or retires because she is already too weak to engage in her royal duties. Prince Charles has also been preparing for the important role for decades.

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