Prince Charles reportedly didn’t really want to get married.

The Prince of Wales was linked to a string of women before he married Princess Diana. Hw reportedly “didn’t want to marry” yet and was living a “self-centered” bachelor life.

Sarah Bradford claimed in her book, “Diana,” that the future king was reluctant to submit himself to marriage because he had “everything he needed without a wife,” including Camilla Parker Bowles’ company, as they remained in contact throughout the years. According to the author, one member of Prince Charles’ staff revealed one possible reason why he didn’t want to get married.

“He was a loner, he liked silence,” a palace insider reportedly told the royal biographer.

However, it eventually dawned on Prince Charles that he needed a wife to ease the negative talks about his “self-centered” lifestyle.

“I must say I am becoming rather worried by all this talk about being self-centered and getting worse every year,” Prince Charles wrote to a friend.

“I’m told that marriage is the only cure for me – and maybe it is!” he added.

Bradford believed that the shock after losing his beloved mentor and the memory of Lord Mountbatten influenced the Prince of Wales and increased conviction that must get himself a dutiful wife.

Prince Charles has always loved Camilla, but the royal family reportedly didn’t approve of her for the future king because she was an “experienced“ woman. According to Dr. Piers Brendan, it’s absolutely vital for Prince Charles to marry a virgin, so the “future queen must have no past.“

Princess Diana was the perfect bride for Prince Charles. The royal family encouraged their romance that started in a fairytale royal wedding but ended in divorce.

According to a source, when Prince Charles found that he had a wife to talk to and to consider after marrying Princess Diana, it “threw him.“ Some sources claimed that the Prince of Wales never really loved the late Princess of Wales because his heart has always been with Camilla.

According to biographer Robert Lacey, if there’s someone to blame for Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s marriage, it would be the royal prince because he was already committed emotionally to another woman, and that was Camilla.

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