Prince Charles had a very unroyal encounter in Australia.

Back in 1979, the Prince of Wales was photographed getting intimate with Jane Priest, an Australian model. She reportedly ran up to Prince Charles while he was jogging on Cottesloe Beach in Perth.

Priest broke the royal protocol when she kissed Prince Charles on the cheek.  She was also seen with her arms around the prince. The Duke of Cornwall was taken by surprise but kept an arm around her as they spoke.

“It was a PR thing to make Charles more accessible,” Priest explained the kiss to London Evening Standard (via Express).

According to her, she put her hand on his chest when she ran over him and that Prince Charles made it clear to her that he was not allowed to either touch or kiss her due to royal protocol. In 2015, Prince Charles returned to the same beach with his wife, Camilla Parker Bowles.  

The future king celebrated his 67th birthday at a barbecue on the West Australian beach and Priest wasn’t invited. She confessed that she wasn’t bothered about the lack of invite.

“It’s been thrashed out for 30 years, I’m a bit over it,” she said.

Two years after Prince Charles and Priest’s encounter in Australia, the future king married Princess Diana. Unfortunately, their marriage didn’t work because he was still in love with Camilla. Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip reportedly blamed their own son for his failed marriage with the People’s Princess.

“It would be a great mistake to say [the Queen] blamed Diana for what went wrong,” biographer Robert Lacey said.  “If anything, I believe, that she and her husband Prince Philip put more of the blame on Prince Charles, and Prince Charles of course, as we since discovered, was already committed emotionally to another woman.”

At one point, the Duke of Edinburgh called Prince Charles “silly” for leaving Princess Diana for Camilla. Prince Philip had always been supportive to the late Princess of Wales.

Despite the rough start, Camilla has slowly won the royal family’s seal of approval. In fact, the Queen mentioned her when the monarch gave a speech at Prince Charles’ 70th birthday.

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