Private coach Camilla Akerberg, 28, reveals why we bloat – and tips on how to banish it for good 


Although she is known for her enviable figure, Australian model Camilla Akerberg, 28, knows all too well how disheartening a bloated stomach can be. 

Thankfully she has learned some handy prevention tips over the years and has shared some of her top tricks for ‘banishing the bloat’ for good.   

‘Bloating can happen to anyone and for various reasons. It’s an uncomfortable feeling that ruins your day and the way your clothing fits,’ she wrote in a blog post.

‘In the morning, if your clothes fit perfectly but the end of the day they feel constricted, bloating is the culprit.’

She said the main reason bloating occurs is due to constipation.

‘Removing the toxins out is a natural process and when your gut is filled and the toxins are just sitting there, it can cause you to bloat,’ she said.

Camilla explained that there is a variety of common illnesses that can cause bloating as well, such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and gastroparesis.

One of the remedies Camilla said assists with a swollen stomach is drinking plenty of water as it helps to move food along smoothly. 

The personal trainer said another remedy is fibre, which all diets should have high amounts of. 

‘Eating a lot of fibre helps you keep regular. Remember, a clean gut is a happy and bloat-free gut,’ she said.

Camilla recommended that people stop eating white bread and instead consume wholegrains as often as they can. 

Another health tip is eating ground flaxseed on a daily basis, which she recommended being incorporated into a smoothie, soup or baked good.

‘Exercising is also a natural remedy to help move things along in your intestines and helps reduce bloating greatly,’ she said.

Camilla said exercises such as running, weight training and circuits help to keep the bloat down.

Unfortunately some foods that a lot of people’s diets consist of may cause bloating.

Camilla said these foods include legumes, broccoli, onions, chocolate, wheat, sugars and alcohol but it depends on the person.

‘A good way to determine what makes you bloat is to write down every time you feel bloated when you eat something,’ she said.

If people keep track of what they consume soon they will see a pattern which will decipher the foods they should avoid.

Although Camilla said people should eliminate the food that makes them feel bloated, they should replace them with other foods that will have a similar amount of important nutrients. 

Another cause of bloating is salt, which Camilla said millions of people consume a ‘startling’ amount of.

The personal trainer said eating too much of it can cause water retention, which leads to bloating.

‘Salt, sadly, is found in just about anything processed that we eat. Packaged and processed food goes hand-in-hand with each other,’ she said.

‘Another sad fact is that when salt speeds up the retaining water, it mainly holds it around the abdominal area, which is our stomach and gut area.’

The easiest way to stop this from happening is for people to lower their salt intake but salty foods can be kept as an occasional snack.

Camilla recommended that people calculate and track their sodium intake but also replace processed foods with raw vegetables, fruits and homemade meals.    


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