Queen Elizabeth won’t abdicate to make way for Prince Charles, according to royal expert Robert Jobson.

The royal insider said that the rumors that the Queen will give up the throne in 2021 are also not true. “The Queen, in terms of what she has had to do and achieve in her time on the throne, is quite incredible. The Queen has been there since the days of Churchill so I think everybody realizes she has done a terrific job. She won’t abdicate but she will hand over responsibility to the Prince of Wales,” he told Express.

Jobson also said that the Queen will be a tough act to follow because of everything that she has done for the monarchy.

“A lot of people say the Queen will be a tough act to follow but he is going to be quite a tough act to follow as Prince of Wales in my opinion,” he said.

Prince Charles received the title in 1958 and has made a mark in his role over the decades. When he becomes King, the Prince of Wales will be judged on his work and not the events surrounding his failed marriage to Princess Diana years ago.

“I think a lot of people are warming to the prince. You can’t necessarily just judge one person by his relationship with Diana. It was a tragedy what happened to Diana, everyone accepts that, but I think he should be judged on what he does and who he is and what he has achieved,” he said.

And when Prince Charles becomes King, his wife, Camilla Parker Bowles, will be known as Queen Consort. Initial reports claimed that Camilla will be given the official title of Princess Consort. 

“She will be Queen Consort if he becomes the King, there is no question about that. When I wrote the story that they were getting married, I said that she would be Duchess of Cornwall but she could be Princess of Wales, but she chose not to. But she will be Queen Consort unless there is a change in the law,” Jobson told Express.