Standout quotes of the federal election – News Report


“My mum is the bravest person I’ve known.” – Bill Shorten reflecting on a “rubbish” story about his late mother’s legal career.

“Pardon the pun, but I don’t want to over-egg this thing.” – Scott Morrison on an egging incident at a CWA meeting

“You’re always hearing them promise things. As soon as they get elected they forget about it.” – Cancer patient Rob Gibbs talking to Bill Shorten on the campaign trail

“You’re a classic space invader.” – Shorten to Morrison during a heated leaders’ debate

“Bill Shorten’s initials aren’t BS for no good reason.” – Nationals Leader Michael McCormack

“I’ve got no teeth now.” – Gilmore voter Vanessa Dill responds to Labor’s plans for better dental care

“He’s no Bob Hawke!” – A disappointed punter after Morrison passed up the challenge to skol his beer

“There is only one person who has been resurrected and I won’t compare Clive Palmer to him.” – Shorten on Palmer’s surge of support in marginal seats

“Can you nail the bastard in three weeks?” – Ian Johnson from South Fremantle pleads with Morrison to defeat Shorten

“You don’t pay Versace prices for water that you get from The Reject Shop.” – Labor’s Tony Burke on Barnaby Joyce approving a $80 million water purchase

“They are small men with small ideas.” – Labor senator Penny Wong reflects on Liberal and National Party ministers

“I think this is a really important lesson for young people that your social media footprint will follow you.” – Labor candidate for Melbourne, Luke Creasey, who withdrew from the race over crass social media posts

“As I will no longer be of pubic (sic) interest, I ask that you please respect my family’s privacy at this time.” – One Nation Queensland leader Steve Dickson made an unfortunate typo when resigning over a strip club scandal

” Coal is a fossil. The prime minister is a fossil himself, a fossil with a baseball cap, but a fossil.” – Former Labor prime minister Paul Keating

“This government’s economic record is pretty bloody hopeless.” – Bill Shorten

“Bill Shorten doesn’t know the cost of anything because he’s not the one that is going to pay for it.” – Scott Morrison

“I don’t believe that gay people, because they’re gay, should go to hell. I don’t need a law to tell me that.” – Bill Shorten

“No, I do not believe that. It was a desperate, cheap shot from Bill Shorten who is looking to distract attention from his housing tax.” – Morrison responds to hell question


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