Before brides toss the bouquet or grooms fling the garter, there’s a lot of planning in the lead-up to the big day.

The Wedding Fair aimed to help couples sort out nuptial details by exposing them to new ideas — from accommodations to videography — on Sunday at Calgary’s BMO Centre.

Grace Kuntz, sales manager for Special Event Rentals, said textures in dress fashions are changing.

“We’ve seen a lot of sequins in the past couple of years, but right now, we’re really seeing a lot of velvet, lots of gold,” she said.

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Stephanie Exton, owner of Everthine Bridal Consignment Boutique, said recycling wedding wear is gaining traction, especially since gowns can be priced at 20 to 40 per cent off in her shop.

“We offer a really wide selection of designer gowns at a little bit of a discounted price so whether it’s a sample dress or once worn, we’re able to get a designer gown that a bride can reuse again and enjoy,” she said.

Once the wife title is official, women have the option of reselling their dresses.

Alexandra Danylchuk, an offsite catering sales consultant at LA Chefs, said buffets are toast, while more customized options are in.

“In the last decade, we’re moving from buffet dinners that are simple and basic to really high-end, multi-course, plated meals that vary from one option to three,” she said. “We’re finding that the food industry is really amping up in terms of that and doing more interactive stations as well.”

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She explained that expensive meal choices like surf and turf can be adapted to suit your wallet.

“If you’re budget-conscious, you could easily do a seafood-style soup for your first course and still pull that flavour profile in,” she said. “Do a nice, light salad and a main that is beef-oriented, which is going to keep your cost down but still give that presentation.”

Andrew Leitch, a co-ordinator with Summertime Music through the Billboard Collective, said more couples are opting for live tunes.

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