Supplier says radio star Ray Hadley’s policeman son was a repeat cocaine buyer


Radio star Ray Hadley’s policeman son was allegedly a repeat cocaine buyer who was being targeted by internal affairs when arrested with a bag of the drug at a Sydney pub.

Senior Constable Danel Hadley called himself ‘Mick’ when placing telephone orders for cocaine, according to a drug dealer’s statement tendered to Parramatta Local Court.

Details of Hadley’s alleged cocaine habit emerged as dealer Shaquillie Sione Vaisiqine Laf Moubayed pleaded guilty to supplying him with the drug.

The 22-year-old told police he had been in Baulkham Hills on Friday, August 3 when he received a call from a man he knew only as ‘Mick’.


He had previously supplied Mick with cocaine and the pair arranged to meet in the car park of the Australian Hotel and Brewery at Rouse Hill, in the city’s north-west.

That night officers from the professional standards command were waiting to pounce as part of an internal operation code-named Resnova.

‘Shortly after 8pm the subject officer, off-duty Senior Constable Daniel Hadley, left the hotel and walked through the car park towards a Honda sedan,’ an agreed statement of facts said.

‘Hadley entered the front passenger seat of the car which was being driven by the offender Shaquillie Moubayed.

‘A few moments later Hadley got out of the car and walked back towards the hotel. The offender drove out of the car park.’

According to the statement Hadley was arrested and found in possession of a resealable bag containing white powder.

Tests by the Forensic and Analytical Science Service found 0.66 grams of cocaine with a purity of 60 per cent.  

While Hadley was being arrested other officers were following Moubayed, who was pulled over at the intersection of Old Windsor Road and Mile End Road at nearby Kellyville. 

Moubayed told police he was carrying cocaine in his left pocket. Officers searched him and found a small black bag which contained another plastic bag.

Inside that container were nine resealable bags later found to hold 6.10 grams of cocaine with a 62.5 per cent purity.

Police then found a black Telstra phone in the front door of Moubayed’s car and a silver iPhone 6 in the centre console. 

Moubayed was taken to Riverstone police station where he made a number of admissions in a recorded interview.

‘He had been in Baulkham Hills when he received a call from a guy he knows as “Mick”,’ the statement of facts said. ‘He had previously supplied “Mick” as a customer.’ 

The former Flemington markets worker told police he had sold Hadley – or ‘Mick’ – one bag of cocaine that night but could not remember if the policeman paid $200 or $250.

The other cash in Moubayed’s possession when he was arrested had come from previous deals.

Moubayed admitted the Telstra phone was for drug dealing and that there were messages on it from other customers wanting to ‘get on’ in the Hills district. 

He told police he was unemployed and was selling cocaine to support himself and his mother.

Moubayed, from Seven Hills, pleaded guilty on Wednesday to supplying a prohibited drug. 

A cocaine possession charge was withdraw and an offence of having goods in custody – related to the $500 found by police – will be taken into account upon sentencing.

Hadley was admitted to a mental health clinic after his arrest and he is seeking to have the cocaine possession against him dismissed under Section 32 of the Mental Health (Forensic Provisions) Act.

In recent months he has reportedly been suffering from a dislocated knee and was awaiting a hernia operation. Police revealed in September that Hadley had resigned from the force.

Hadley, who split from his wife of two years Tahlee Anderson earlier this year, has not appeared in court when his case has been mentioned.

The day after his arrest his father tearfully admitted during a press conference to feeling ‘inadequate’ as a parent for failing to notice his son’s mental health problems.

Moubayed will face a sentencing hearing on December 12 when Hadley is also due in court.



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