Criticism of the prime minister was scathing ahead of the confidence vote today.

IT MAY HAVE been expected for Theresa May to suffer defeat in the House of Commons last night, but the scale of this defeat is driving the headlines in the UK this morning as the papers savage the prime minister.

In all, 432 MPs – including over 100 from her own party – voted against her Brexit deal to inflict a historic defeat on May with a majority of 230 securing the no vote.

It leaves Brexit in chaos, with warring factions in parliament now facing a race against time to either agree on the way forward or crash out without a deal.

Despite the House of Commons having no confidence in May’s deal, it is expected to have it in the Prime Minister herself as she’s on course to survive a vote of confidence in the government today.

With Britain hurtling forward into further uncertainty, the papers in the UK pulled no punches with their headlines this morning:

The Daily Telegraph leads with a glum-looking May with the simple headline “A complete humiliation”.

may telegraph
Source: The Daily Telegraph

The Sun invokes memories of former England manager Graham Taylor as a turnip with its photo of Theresa May as a bird with the headline “Brextinct”, and adding “May’s Brexit deal dead as a dodo”.

may sun

Source: The Sun

The Daily Mail says May is “Fighting for her life”, while the Daily Mirror describes it as “no deal… no hope… no clue… no confidence”.

may mail
Source: The Daily Mail

may mirror
Source: The Daily Mirror

The Daily Express opts for “Dismay” while the Times plays it straight with “May suffers historic defeat”.

may express
Source: The Daily Express

may times
Source: The Times of London

Source: The I

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